This is how our best IQS partners make great commissions!

By Zoe |

We want you to get the most out of being an I Quit Sugar partner. So here are a few tips to bear in mind that our highest-earning partners work to.

  1. Share don’t sell. That is, tell your readers what you really reckon about our eBooks and Program. Be honest. Share how you found things, what happened for you. Be personal. It really works. Readers can “smell” inauthenticity.
  2. Write a book review: Your readers want to know what you think. They trust you. So if you’re reviewing a book, give them your honest opinion. Check out Lee Holmes’ review of Sarah’s latest book, I Quit Sugar: Simplicious.
  3. Run an ad: Promote the books via digital ads on your right-hand sidebar. Rotate the creative (the image) regularly to keep readers interested.
  4. Post a recipe from the book: has published some of our popular recipes as a way of enticing readers to purchase.
  5. Try content marketing: You can subtly incorporate book promotions into your everyday blog posts. Craverealfood does this well.
  6. Check your links: Always double check your links to IQS are working and clicking to the right page. It sounds silly, but you’d be surprised how often people forget, then miss out on their commission.
  7. Run a competition: Nothing gets readers excited like the chance to win something! If you’ve got a great idea for a competition, let us know at Just make sure you’re using a game of skill rather than chance (otherwise you’ll need to organise permits and it all gets awfully legal) and have your terms and conditions in place.
  8. Amplify: When you’re running a blog post about one of our products, be sure to share it across all your social media platforms with a beautiful big image to really capture people’s attention. Encourage your audience to share with friends and family too – they’ll help spread the word even further.
  9. Disclose: When you do an affiliates post, try to let people know you will be making money from it and that it’s not just a random review. Your readers will appreciate this transparency. Put a #sp or #sponsored on Instagram and Facebook posts. Look at some of the examples above to see how other partners alert readers to sponsored blog posts. For American partners, it’s actually law in the US to disclose affiliate links.

Hope this helps!

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