How the IQS team are now living a sweeter life (without sugar!)

By Alexandra McCarthy |

I Quit Sugar - How the IQS team are now living a sweeter life (without sugar!)

Everyone has their own sugar-quitting story to share– and the team at IQS are no different!

Not all of us were as sugar savvy as we are now. In fact, quite a few of us were addicted to “healthy” sugars like dates and didn’t realise the damaging effect fructose had on our health. And, each of us had a very different journey to the sugar-free lifestyle…

Our office manager Maddy, has been on the sugar-free bandwagon for three years now!

“For me, quitting sugar seemed like an uphill battle, but in all honesty it has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. I cut out sugar 18 months before I started working at IQS and it was a process of trial and error. Some foods sent my cravings through the roof but once I started to up my intake of veg, healthy fats and protein, I knew I was on the path to food freedom. Now, three years on, I eat more vegetables than I ever have (and actually enjoy the taste!) and I have a true understanding of how my body should feel – it’s not normal to feel like crap people! If you’re tired, irritable, carrying a bit of extra weight, have the odd breakout or find yourself being controlled by your cravings,  give our 8-Week Program a go!”

Online community coordinator, Eliza, stopped reaching for quick fixes and found food freedom in the process!

“Pre-IQS I’d always loved eating well, but all the different info out there can be SO confusing, and I definitely chose to believe what I wanted to believe. I was very much into “healthy” quick fixes, eating snacks loaded with dried fruit, and sweetened protein bars almost daily.  When the 3pm slump would strike, or I felt like napping after a date-packed smoothie in the morning, I couldn’t understand what was going on – I thought I’d been doing everything right! Once I got started with I Quit Sugar, everything finally made sense. I ditched the sugary foods (bye-bye dates) and ever since, my taste buds have drastically changed. I eat intuitively and I no longer suffer from cravings or tired slumps. I feel great!”

Customer service team lead, Becky, won’t ever go back now that she’s experienced a sugar-free lifestyle.

“I felt relief quitting sugar. I’d been on the sugar roller coaster for so long, it was amazing to finally be able to relax and not be controlled by sugar cravings. I LOVE that I can say no to sweet treats and feel satisfied with three meals per day. It’s now been 14 months and I’ll never go back.”

Christina, our social media executive, realised that dates were actually sugar bombs!

“I didn’t really eat a lot of processed sugar before doing the 8-Week Program, but I still had a “sweet” tooth. The biggest difference for me was becoming aware of how much natural sugar I was still consuming in large amounts through dates and other dried fruits. I’ve found that I have much more energy now and don’t experience as many highs and lows since cutting back on sugar. I’ve also found that incorporating more fats and protein into my diet has done wonders for me.”

Our general manager, Jorge, quit counting calories and found his healthiest self!

“Having been on so many “health kicks” and fads, it was refreshing to see just how inclusive the Program is. I didn’t feel restricted. Suddenly I felt free to eat butter, full cream milk, full cream yoghurts, bread and of course, cheese. The biggest change for me was a mental one – the release of food guilt and bashing myself for being over a daily calorie count or eating carbs! It’s just not healthy to be so hard on yourself!”

Phoebe, our writer and content creator, was stuck in a calorie-counting cycle before the 8-Week Program…

“While I’ve always been interested in nutrition and healthy eating, I definitely used to be a calorie counter, living and breathing the  “calories in vs. calories out” motto. My quitting sugar journey began about eight months ago when I decided to go the whole hog, do the 8-Week Program and cut sugar for good! To be completely honest with you, it was hard. While I didn’t experience withdrawals or any physical symptoms, it was a mental battle to change the way I looked at food. Instead of thinking of cheese as a lump of calories, I had to change my mindset and realise that not only is cheese delicious, but totally satiating too. And now? I feel great – my weight has stabilised and I’m happier and healthier than ever!”

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