Is labelling sugar in teaspoons about to become a REAL thing?!

By Rachel O'Regan |

We’ve talked about the issues with the labelling of sugar for a while – heck, even Dr. Lustig has written about the subject for us. And now everyone is jumping on board, with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and That Sugar Film’s Damon Gameau sparking major buzz in the IQS office after revealing prototypes for clearer sugar labelling in the same week.

The proposed labels would reveal how much sugar is contained food and drinks IN TEASPOONS. To that we say: wouldn’t that be awesome?! It would certainly help us all make informed and hopefully healthier decisions (would you drink a bottle of Pepsi if you knew there were 14 teaspoons of sugar in there?).

For us, this concept has always been a no-brainer. As Sarah says herself, “people think in terms of teaspoons”, not grams. We always refer to the sugar content of our recipes in teaspoons and call out big brands when that number is way too high. We even included it in our original IQS 11-point plan for a sugar-free revolution last year. So we get really hyped when individuals get onboard with our message. Starting with Jamie Oliver…

On Monday, the celebrity chef himself appeared in the UK parliament to talk sugar policy (you’re in the big leagues now, Mr O). While his proposed soft drink tax was still contentious, the makeshift sugar labels he demonstrated certainly got a few nods of appreciation from the health select committee. And, judging by the comments on our Facebook, our IQS community agreed this was a great tactic for cutting down sugar consumption.

We were intrigued… until we saw Damon Gameau’s That Sugar Film make a dramatic announcement yesterday. Forgive us if we’ve misinterpreted this, but does it look like Big Food might be changing their labels to our original preferred teaspoon system? Here’s the statement:


At this point, it’s not just a cliffhanger – we’re hanging onto the ledge with our fingernails. What’s going on? Which companies have expressed their interest? Is this the beginning of a brave new world of everyday education on sugar? Are we overreacting? IS THIS REAL LIFE?

Are you as excited about this as we are? Do you support labelling sugar in teaspoons?

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