Is Jesinta Franklin a hypocrite?

By Camilla Wagstaff |

Is Jesinta Franklin a hypocrite?
Photo by: Richard Dobson

  • Sugar-free advocate Jesinta Franklin is now spruiking Cadbury Chocolate.
  • The deal is reported to be worth up to $250,000.
  • Does this fly in the face of the model’s wellness message?

Can you be sugar-free and spruik Cadbury at the same time?

Jesinta Franklin – known for her healthy, sugar-free lifestyle – is the new face of the Big Sugar giant’s Dark Milk range.

The former Miss Universe Australia has already defended her controversial deal with the proverbial devil, saying her life is “all about balance”.

While we’re all about balance too, and we love a bit of chocolate (the good quality, 85 per cent stuff), Cadbury isn’t exactly known for high-quality ingredients. Or restrained use of the white stuff.

The first ingredient across the new range? SUGAR. The straight up choc is almost HALF the sweet stuff. That’s about a teaspoon PER SQUARE.

And what about Jesinta’s responsibility to the hundreds of thousands of folk out there that follow her health message? Teaming up with Big Sugar seems a little contradictory, no?

What do you think? Is Jesinta Franklin a hypocrite?

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