How to keep salad fresh in the fridge (all week long)

By Rachel O'Regan |

I Quit Sugar: Coconut Prawn Caesar Salad

Making a giant batch of salad that lasts all week always sounds like a great idea.

But in reality, keeping salads in the fridge for that long can lead to soggy, mushy mouthfuls.

As lovers of a Sunday Cook-Up, weve experimented with how to keep a salad fresh for ages and these are the best tips weve come up with.

1. Add the greens before you eat.

Soft greens like spinach, lettuce and watercress should be added right before you eat. Can you still prep all the other ingredients beforehand and enjoy crisp results. This salad can be prepped in just five minutes!

Cheat’s Chicken Caesar Salad

I Quit Sugar: Chicken Caesar Salad recipe

2. Keep everything dry.

Don’t leave your salad to marinate in dressing. Make it separately to swirl over salads as required, or simply shake up a simple dressing minutes beforehand (like this one that’s just two ingredients).

Deconstructed Reuben Salad

I Quit Sugar recipe - Deconstructed Reuben Salad

3. Play with different greens.

Put the baby spinach leaves down. Salad greens that are a bit more hardy include kale, radicchio and any green vegetable like broccoli or beans. They’ll fill you up more and give your salads interest, too.

5-Minute Fig, Radicchio + Blue Cheese Salad

I Quit Sugar - 5-Minute Fig, Radicchio + Blue Cheese Salad

4. Separate the warm and cold ingredients.

Oh, so you want to leave freshly cooked chicken to cool down on a bed of lettuce? Food poisoning alert!

Instead, always keep your warm ingredients (meat, roasted vegetables) in a separate container. This also will make them a lot easier to reheat if warm salads are your jam.

Coconut Prawn Caesar Salad

I Quit Sugar: Coconut Prawn Caesar Salad

5. Don’t be afraid of soggy lettuce.

Softened veggies can be easier for our bodies to digest, says our food and recipes manager and nutritionist, Meg. So, unless you have a serious aversion, slightly wilted salad is fine to eat!

Just make sure the leaves aren’t slimy, smelly or weird tasting (best not to leave salad greens in the fridge more than a couple of days).

Detox Tuna Salad

I Quit Sugar - Detox Tuna Salad recipe

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