Why 91% of men lost weight when they quit sugar

By Rachel O'Regan |

I Quit Sugar – Seymour’s story: “I thought large fruit juices every morning were healthy… but I weighed 107kg from my sugar habit!”

The reputation of quitting sugar being a “girly” thing just doesn’t ring true anymore.

You only have to look at actor John Goodman, who lost 45kg (99lbs) when he quit the sweet stuff, or Peter FitzSimons, who’s so convinced of the health benefits that he’s only gone and written a book about it.

The ordinary bloke has a lot to gain from quitting sugar – in fact, we’ve found that 91 per cent of men who quit sugar on our I Quit Sugar: 8-Week Program lost weight!

Here’s how just a few of them broke their sugar addiction and improved their health.

Seymour’s story.

Seymour decided to go cold turkey… on Christmas day. Brave man! But it all paid off – Seymour lost 25kg (55lbs) and rediscovered his love of cycling, now peddling 120km a week!

I Quit Sugar – Seymour’s story: “I thought large fruit juices every morning were healthy… but I weighed 107kg from my sugar habit!”

Glen’s story.

Glen and his wife Sarah turned to I Quit Sugar to help conceive. Long story short… not only has Glen lost 15kg (33lbs) and beaten his sugar addiction, he’s also a proud dad. Congratulations!


Jon’s story.

At 115kg (253lbs), Jon’s weight and his depression were always interlinked. Since giving up the sweet stuff, John lost 20kg (44lbs) in six months and feels much better, even coming off antidepressants.


Breyton’s story.

Gym-going Breyton quit sugar to get on top of his health and fitness game. He’s now more energetic, agile at the gym and 10kg (22lbs) lighter.


Hamish’s story.

Hamish originally quit sugar in support of his wife, but it’s pretty clear he rocks it now. He’s lost 12kg (26lbs), but more importantly, his cholesterol and liver functions tests have drastically improved.

I Quit Sugar Testimonial - Hamish

John’s story.

John quit sugar with his partner Rosie ahead of their wedding. You can bet this newlywed felt great walking down the aisle, 15kg down and with the best skin of his life!

I Quit Sugar – Rosie’s story: “I quit sugar to lose weight before my wedding… but never expected it would help my arthritis.”

Blokes, is it time for you to quit sugar?

Weight loss can be just one part of the package. Other benefits include increased energy, clear skin, better sleep, happier moods, of course, being free of your sugar addiction.

And, if you’re worried it’s all going to be rabbit food, may we direct your attention to this man-sized Pork Belly with Vietnamese Salad featuring on the next 8-Week Program?

I Quit Sugar – Pork Belly with Vietnamese Noodle Salad

And did we mention that you’re allowed to drink beer when you quit sugar, too?

So, whaddaya say? Ready to kick sugar to the curb?!

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