Mindfulness at home + why it’s so important!

By Alexandra McCarthy |

I Quit Sugar - Mindfulness at home + why it’s so important!

We’ve written about the importance of mindfulness in the past and the simple ways to stay present when eating, sitting and walking. But, have you incorporated mindfulness into your environment at home?

Living in a fast-paced society and being surrounded by technology that places extreme demands on our time means that mindfulness is more important than ever, especially at home.

Your personal space should be your haven – a place you go to recharge your batteries. So, it’s super important to make your home as mindful as possible. Here’s some handy tips on how to make your house a place of zen…

1. Remove electronic distractions.

The presence of technology in our lives can cause huge distractions, especially at home and being constantly connected to the outside world can make it difficult to relax. Mobile phones, laptops and TV’s emit a blue light which messes with the production of your melatonin. This hormone controls your body clock, so when it is interfered with by blue light, it can dramatically impact your wellbeing. Keep your technology use to a minimum at home, especially around bedtime!

2. Bring in natural light.  

Shying away from artificial light and embracing natural sunlight is  a great way to make your home more mindful. Not only is natural light more soothing for your eyes, but it has also been proven to brighten your mood and increase your levels of productivity. The benefits of natural light far outweigh artificial light, so ditch your curtains and let the light in!

3. Keep your space clean.

Having a messy space has been proven to increase levels of the stress hormone cortisol. So making sure your house is clean and tidy –and yes,  this includes making your bed everyday – will help bring a little order and mindfulness to your home.

4. Diffuse essential oils.

The simple act of diffusing essential oils in your home can have a huge impact on your mood and is an easy way to encourage relaxation. Try diffusing a little lavender, which is known for being a calming herb and can help to create an uplifting atmosphere.

5. Less is more.

Embracing the less is more approach around your home will ensure that it’s clutter-free. Studies have shown that people with cluttered homes are more depressed and fatigued, because the mess tells your brain that your work is never done. Not ideal.

6. Surround yourself with nature.

Did you know that people who surround themselves with indoor plants are less stressed than those who don’t? Not only do indoor plants look great, but they actually help to improve your mood, enhance your mental health and increase your productivity levels. That’s pretty great for a humble pot plant!

How do you practise mindfulness in your home?

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