How much sugar is in that… yoghurt?

By Phoebe McCreath |

I Quit Sugar - How much sugar is in that… yoghurt?

Who feels overwhelmed in the yoghurt aisle at the supermarket? *Everyone in the world raises their hand*

It’s okay if you feel like there are way too many brands to choose from because, let’s face it, there are!

So (to help you), we picked six popular “natural” Greek yoghurts, to decide which brand not only boasts the best flavour, but more importantly, the best nutritional profile…

Before we dunk our spoons in remember, natural or plain full-fat yoghurt will contain roughly 4.7g of sugar per 100g, but this is naturally occurring lactose, so it’s nothing to worry about.

Farmers Union Greek Style Yoghurt.

This yoghurt is a fave in the IQS kitchen! With only 5.2g of sugar per 100g and 9.7g of fat, it ticks all the boxes for us. It has a super smooth, thick texture which is probably due to added milk solids. Our nutritionist, Liv, explains, “While ideally your yoghurt would just contain milk and cultures, we have nothing against milk solids as they just increase thickness and give a better mouthfeel.” With a mild flavour, we’d definitely put this on our morning granola.

I Quit Sugar - How much sugar is in that… yoghurt?

Chobani Plain Greek Yoghurt.

This one was a bit sneaky… turns out, Chobani Plain Greek Yoghurt is actually a low-fat product made with skim milk. We’ve been super vocal about our thoughts on low-fat products – although, it is important to note that this one only contains 3.3g of sugar per 100g. But, for us, the flavour is a bit ho-hum, “It’s far too plain, and the texture reminds me of a stoggy chia pudding,” says Christina, our social media executive. Overall, not too flash.

I Quit Sugar - How much sugar is in that… yoghurt?

Jalna Greek Yoghurt.

With a stellar nutritional profile of 4.8g of sugar and 10g of fat per 100g, this yoghurt hit the spot. Jalna is a ‘pot set’ brand, which means the milk and cultures are poured right into the pot and left to thicken – put simply, there’s no need to add thickeners. This is Liv’s favourite yoghurt because it’s so creamy and delicious. “Plus it’s very low in sugar, so it’s a great option.”

I Quit Sugar - How much sugar is in that… yoghurt?

Yoplait Yoplus Natural Yoghurt.

Again we’ve uncovered a low-fat yoghurt that’s not labelled low-fat! Yep, this one’s made with skim milk too, so already we don’t love it. It also contained more sugar than all the other yoghurts we tested, coming in at 7.7g per 100g. In fact, our marketing executive, Kinga, said, “Not only does this taste like a dessert yoghurt because it’s so sweet, but it’s also super runny.” Sorry Yoplait, we’ll pass.

I Quit Sugar - How much sugar is in that… yoghurt?

Tamar Valley Greek Style Yoghurt.

Everyone in the office raved about this one – and for good reason. With just 5.2g of sugar and 9,8g of fat per 100g, it also has a great taste and texture. Our food and recipes manager, Georgia, found this one nice and tart. “It has an authentic flavour, and it’s nice and creamy too which is due to its higher fat content. This one is my go-to!”

I Quit Sugar - How much sugar is in that… yoghurt?

Woolworths Natural Greek Style Yoghurt.

This yoghurt had one of the lowest sugar contents of all the brands we tested, coming in at just 4.7g of sugar and 7.3g of fat per 100g. We were surprised at the thick, creamy texture and it wasn’t too tart! This was our office manager, Maddy’s, fave because it didn’t have that super tangy taste of some brands which can be a real turn off! “When it comes to Greek or natural yoghurts however, I’d encourage everyone to try a few until you discover one with your preferred flavour profile and texture.”

I Quit Sugar - How much sugar is in that… yoghurt?

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