5 powerful food documentaries to watch on Netflix tonight

By Rachel O'Regan |

I Quit Sugar – 5 powerful food documentaries to watch on Netflix tonight

With the rise of #foodporn, television often focuses on the good side of the food world.

The glossy, reality competition, Mary-Berry-in-a-pastel-tent food world where nobody gets sick from the indulgent, often sugar-fuelled fare and nothing bad ever happens!

But there’s also a dark side to food that, thankfully, independent filmmakers are beginning to explore. The following five Netflix documentaries will change the way you think about food forever.

1. Food Matters: You Are What You Eat.

Food Matters founders James and Laurentine Colquhorn invested their life savings into this film so James’ father would finally realise his poor diet was affecting his chronic fatigue. That’s commitment.

But it wasn’t just James’ dad who benefitted – the eye-opening doco has spurred a loyal following and even their own “wellness Netflix”, Food Matters TV.

2. Fed Up.

Why don’t U.S. nutrition labels place daily limits on sugar? This documentary dives into the world of dirty politics as Big Food covered up the effects of sugar again and again. The tragic stories of obese teenagers dealing with the consequences will leave you seriously fed up.

3. The Kids Menu.

If you’re looking something a little more uplifting, this film proves that, when given the chance, kids are more likely to choose healthy options.

They also show motivating examples of communities doing the right thing (and the interviews with the children are ridiculously adorable).

4. Global Waste: The Scandal of Food Waste.

We throw out up to half of our groceries each week. This French-subtitled documentary puts that into images that are hard to forget.

Fun fact: France has now banned supermarkets discarding or destroying unsold food. We reckon it’s time we all followed suit.

5. Supersize Me.

If you haven’t watched Supersize Me, where have you been? If you have, it’s worth watching again.

The effects of an exclusively McDonald’s diet are unsurprisingly stomach-churning, and yet, it’s a visceral reminder of the effects of junk food. Just sayin’, a month of veg would not have the same end result…

Have you seen any of these food documentaries? Which ones do you recommend?

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