New product labels could save your pearly whites…

By Phoebe McCreath |

  • Choice and the Australian Dental Association have teamed up to launch a national campaign, demanding added sugar labelling be included on all food packaging.
  • Health Ministers across Australia are due to meet on November 24 to make a decision on the future of our food packaging.
  • With 30 per cent of kids under the age of six showing signs of tooth decay, it’s time something was done to tackle this sticky issue.

We’ve talked about the damaging effects of sugar on your pearly whites quite a bit…

That’s why when we heard that Choice had teamed up with the Australian Dental Association (ADA) to campaign against added sugar labelling, we knew we had to jump on board.

The discussion about introducing added sugar labelling kicked off back in 2011 and since then, not only has Australia spent $9.9 billion annually on dental services, but we’ve also fallen behind other countries who have implemented this system.

I Quit Sugar - New product labels could save your pearly whites…

We totally understand that reading nutritional labels can be super confusing, and so does Choice and the ADA. How are you supposed to know how much sugar you’re eating when there are so many different names for the sweet stuff?!

In fact, Matt Hopcraft, CEO of the Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch, has identified that these added sugars are a key contributing factor in tooth decay. “It is important for consumers to have access to information on food labels that helps them to make healthy choices,” explained Matt.

The new added sugar labelling would make a clear distinction between naturally occurring sugars (such as lactose) and added sweet stuff. Put simply, this would make it far easier to cut down on sugar and save our pearly whites too (not to mention the rest of our body!).

Show your support for the campaign, and check out our sugar tax petition now!

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