Study links high carb diet to increased risk of premature death

By Phoebe McCreath |

I Quit Sugar - NEW study links high carb diet to increased risk of premature death

We’ve known for a while that fat isn’t the enemy anymore. But now, new research has further highlighted just how beneficial fat can be for our health!

After studying 135,000 people from 18 countries across five continents, it has been concluded that a high intake of carbohydrates is linked to an increased risk of mortality.

It’s not all morbid though! What’s even more interesting is that the same study found that the consumption of fat (from a variety of sources) was not associated with cardiovascular disease, heart attacks or death from these causes. In fact, a high fat diet resulted in a 23 per cent lower risk of death when compared to a low fat diet, and the consumption of saturated fat was inversely linked to risk of stroke.

The bottom line is that health experts agree it may be time for a refresh of the worldwide dietary guidelines. Food for thought?

Do you think dietary guidelines need to be amended in light of this new research? 

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