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By Kate Kneipp |

Healthy breakfast of poached eggs
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We’re a bit of a nosy bunch at IQS, forever leaning over each other’s plates at breakfast and lunch to see who’s got the best feast. Total food porn!

Today we’ve decided to draw our favourite foodies and nutrition partners into bed with us, asking them:

“What do you eat for breakfast?”

Warning: Explicit images ahead! Don’t read on an empty stomach.

Kate Callaghan, IQS nutritionist and dietitian:
“Nothing beats a cooked breakfast of free-range bacon, eggs, greens and sweet potato with a side of avocado and sauerkraut!”

Kate Callaghan's Breakfast

Marieke Rodenstein, IQS dietitian:
“I shared this breakfast with my four-year-old this morning: Fried eggs topped with grated dried fish roe, fresh coriander, nori strips and activated sunflower seeds, served with a grated purple carrot salad with an apple cider vinegar, olive oil and turmeric dressing, mustard greens (from our veggie patch!) and sliced avocado. We also had a little shot glass of homemade sauerkraut juice.”

Dietitian Marieke Rodenstein's breakfast

Ella Woodward, creator of
“I have a superfood bread recipe which I love for breakfast. I top it with avocado and tomatoes.”

Ella Woodward's breakfast

Lola Berry, nutritionist:
“I love baked eggies with goats feta, topped off with some fresh herbs!”

Nutritionist Lola Berry's breakfast

Lee Holmes, certified health coach and author of Supercharged Food and Eat Yourself Beautiful:
“I love eating these nourishing bowls during the week for breakfast. All you need is an investment of fifteen minutes at the stove and before you know it, you’ll be fully awake and enjoying a comforting bowl of nourishment. Here’s one of my favourite bowls: Soft boiled eggs, wilted kale with olive oil and cumin, sardines and quinoa sprinkled with dukka.”

Health coach Lee Holmes' breakfast

Jessica Cox, nutritionist:
“I take my oat sourdough two ways: Savoury (black tahini, avocado, tomato) and sweet (black tahini, banana, dairy-free yoghurt) and with a wheatgrass latte.”
[If you’re on the 8-Week Program, we recommend you stick to the savoury version of this dish – the IQS Team.]

Nutritionist Jessica Cox's breakfast

Irena Macri, creator and author of Eat Drink Paleo:
“My go-to breakfast usually consists of some protein to stabilise my hunger levels throughout the day, healthy fats for satiety and supple skin, always some veggies on the side and some carbohydrates to get the brain ticking. One of my favourites is a pan-fried egg over sweet potato rösti with a little cucumber salad.”

Irena Macri's breakfast

Jessica Sepel, health blogger, nutritionist and wellness coach:
“I start the day with some warm lemon water with a pinch of cayenne pepper or some freshly grated ginger to detoxify my body after a good night’s rest and to fire up my metabolism. I enjoy one cup of delicious creamy coffee (usually a piccolo) every morning as well! For breakfast, I typically make my Power Protein smoothie topped with a handful of raw nuts or homemade sugar-free & gluten-free granola.”

Nutritionist Jessica Sepel's breakfast

Angelique Panagos, IQS nutritional therapist:
“My go-to breakfast is my Pink Delight Protein Smoothie. It’s a blend of coconut milk, chia seeds or ground flaxseeds, almond butter, rice protein powder and mixed berries. It’s delicious, nutritious and a good source of protein, which keeps me feeling satisfied.”

Nutritionist Angelique Panagos' breakfast

Lau Hanly, IQS nutrition and fitness coach:
“On the right is a bowl of protein muesli with toasted hazelnuts and coconut, topped up with some nut milk. The protein helps keep me full and makes sure my body has all the support it needs when I come to my workout. On the left is a bowl of Greek yoghurt to get in some satiating fat, with some raspberries added for a hit of micronutrients and fibre.”

Nutrition and fitness coach Lau Hanly's breakfast

Louise O’Mahony, IQS sports nutritionist:
“My go-to breakfast is eggs, smoked salmon, spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes… and of course my caffeine fix!”

Sports nutritionist Louise O'Mahony's breakfast

Megan Yonson, nutritionist and IQS intern:
“This green smoothie bowl is a mix of seasonal leafy greens, mint, frozen coconut milk cubes, avocado, Vital Greens and coconut water, topped off with homemade buckwheat clusters and coconut flakes.”Nutritionist Megan Yonson's breakfast

Jayne and Katie, creators of Sweat and Oranges:
“We love a good breakfast cook-up, especially on weekends. However this plate of goodness can be whipped up in a flash, even when time is short during the week. This plate packs a powerful punch of nutrition, with an array of vitamins and minerals as well as protein and nourishing fats. Facing the day with this delicious breakfast guarantees boundless energy until lunchtime!”

Sweat and Oranges' breakfast

What do you eat for your breakfast? 

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