What your pantry staples say about you

By Ashley Cameron |

I Quit Sugar: Turmeric Protein Bombs

Open your pantry… What do you see?

Whether you’ve got rows and rows of neatly stacked mason jars filled with superfoods, seeds and sprinkles, or your cupboard’s a little more haphazard with half-finished packets of almonds, buckwheat and tinned tomatoes strewn about – your pantry staples can reveal a lot about you.

Here’s how to determine if you’re a wellness newbie or a dedicated wellness warrior…

You’re a… wellness newbie.

First you upgraded from white rice to quinoa, then you discovered buckwheat – so while you might not have mastered the art of Ashgawanda lattes (yes, they’re a thing – our nutritionist Liv loves to whip one up after lunch!), you’ve slowly started to overhaul your pantry to include more nutrient-dense foods. Instead of snacking on sugary muesli bars and biscuits, you now opt for satiating healthy fats like almonds, or throw a spoonful of chia seeds into your green smoothie.

You’re a… gut health guru.

You are well and truly on the pulse when it comes to the latest goss on gut health and if you look into your pantry, you’ll find a natural pharmacy of gut health goodies! Apple cider vinegar (to fire up your digestion), kimchi and kombucha feature regularly on your shopping list – but your latest find is gelatin! On Sundays we’ll probably find you in your kitchen whipping up a batch of Turmeric Protein Bombs.

You’re a… bona fide wellness warrior.

You know your Maca from your matcha and live and breathe a healthy lifestyle! In fact, even your friends have labelled you their go-to guru when they’ve got a curly health question to answer. Naturally you love anything avocado, but your ingredient of choice? Tahini. You pop it in your sugar-free brownies, smear it on toast and drizzle it over your roast veg. Delish!

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