Podcast: 5 questions with Professor Timothy Noakes

By Jordanna Levin |

Professor Timothy Noakes is part of our all-star anti-sugar guest expert panel appearing as part of the 8-Week Program, which kicks off tomorrow! (Registrations have now closed. Sorry! The next Program will commence early September. Register your interest here.)

Noakes is a professor of exercise and sports nutrition in South Africa. He is perhaps most recognised for his controversial stance on low-carb diets and athletic performance – a hot topic with many athletes wanting to quit sugar.

Sarah was keen to get in touch with Noakes ever since he appeared in the documentary Cereal Killers. Their nutrition and health philosophies are very similar and Sarah was eager for Noakes to share his own experiences as a marathon runner when he switched to a low carb, high fat, sugar-free lifestyle.

In this podcast you’ll find out:

  • If athletes need sugar, or in fact any carbohydrates to perform.
  • If carbohydrate intolerance is indeed a “thing”.
  • How many grams of carbohydrates Noakes thinks you need to consume a day.
  • Why Noakes thinks eating during endurance exercise is unnecessary.
  • How to switch from a carb loader to a fat burner.
  • Noakes’ take on high fruit diets.
  • What Noakes ate for breakfast.

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If you’re taking part in the June round of our 8-Week Program and you have some questions you’d like to ask Noakes, write them down and we’ll let you know when he’ll be available to answer them.

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