3 Sunday arvo breakfast preps to last you a fortnight

By Camilla Wagstaff |

Struggling to eat a nutritious morning meal and still find time to bathe, dress and get out the door?

We hear you! And we’ve got just the thing. Set aside an hour on Sunday to cook up these three tasty recipes and breakfast is sorted for a fortnight. It’s as simple as grab ‘n’ go!

1. Overnight oats.

We love morning oats. And we love them even more when they’re ready and waiting for us in the fridge (no pots and pans required!).

Prep these in individual jars and seal for maximum totability and lasting power. They’ll keep for about a week in the fridge this way.

I Quit Sugar - 3 Sunday arvo breakfast preps to last you a fortnight

2. Green bacon and egg cupcakes.

With plenty of greens, protein and healthy fats, these little packages pack a nutritional punch.

Freeze together in batches of two and take them out to defrost the night before. They’ll be ready to eat by the time you get to work (chuck them in the microwave or sandwich press if you prefer them warm).

3. Spiced Coco-Nutty Breakfast Muffins.

Filling enough for breakfast, naturally sweet enough to curb any sugar craving and healthy enough for our 8-Week Program? Yep, our breakfast muffins really have it all!

These ones can be frozen and reheated too (and they’re particularly delicious served with a dollop of natural, full-fat yoghurt).

I Quit Sugar - 3 Sunday arvo breakfast preps to last you a fortnight

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