Does quitting sugar reduce your risk of cancer?

By Rachel O'Regan |

I Quit SUgar - Does quitting sugar reduce the risk of cancer?

We can’t begin to estimate the complexity of cancer.

The disease, which will affect half of Aussie men and one-third of women in their lifetime, is triggered by genetics, environment, lifestyle factors and even more risks we are yet to understand.

And as the science is showing, a diet of excessive sugar is likely to be one of them. We’re rounding up a list of studies which point to sugar as a very real part of the problem.

The links between sugar and cancer.

Note: we’ll continue to update this list as significant studies are published. See one we haven’t covered? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Breast cancer: A 2016 study on mice found that 50 to 58 per cent of subjects on fructose- and sucrose-enriched diets developed mammary tumours in six months. The cancer also grew faster and had significantly higher rates of spreading to the lungs.

In summary, it certainly can’t hurt to quit sugar…

The Cancer Council reckons at least one in three cancer cases could be prevented with a healthy lifestyle. They recommend not smoking (obviously), limiting alcohol, practicing sun safety, exercising, maintaining a healthy weight… and eating for health.

Quitting sugar fits pretty neatly here – after all, it’s essentially a matter of cutting out rubbish and eating real, delicious food.

And if lowering your cancer risk isn’t enough, did we mention that quitting sugar is great for your heart, liver, gut health, brain and waistline, too? Is it time you gave sugar the boot?

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