Easy ways to eat less sugar right now

By Camilla Wagstaff |

I Quit Sugar - easy sugar swaps

You may have heard that quitting sugar is hell. Crippling headaches, stormy moods, rabid cravings HELL.

Well, withdrawal symptoms are definitely a thing. But as long as you’re replacing your sweet vice for something equally as delicious (but way more satisfying and healthy), it’s going be way easier.

Need a little more convincing? Why not try these five super easy hacks to reduce sugar intake day-to-day. You’ll see just how simple this low sugar life can be. 

1. Switch your daily juice for a smoothie.

Thing is, fruit juice is basically just liquid sugar. And it sends our livers into panic mode as they try to process all the excess fructose (the sugar we’re trying to quit).

Smoothies keep the whole food and all its nutrients together, which slows down any sugar dumpage on the liver and fills us up for much longer. New to the smoothie game? This Green Goddess Smoothie will get you fired up!

2. Embrace full-fat yoghurt.

Low-fat yoghurts, especially the fruit flavoured kind, can be crammed with the sweet stuff (some are hiding six teaspoons per serve!).

Swap the low-fat stuff for natural full-fat yoghurt and sweeten it up with fresh fruit or a little cinnamon. You’ll get a hit of healthy fats that will keep you satiated for longer. Check out our review of the best low-sugar yoghurts you can buy at the supermarket.

3. Swap your sugar-sweetened tea for chai.

Love a teaspoon or two of the white stuff in your morning cuppa? Rather than going without a sweet hit cold turkey, try some chai!

Chai is sweetened with a whole heap of anti-inflammatory spices, so you won’t need to add anything else. Make sure you opt for low-sugar versions though. Read our taste test of 10 supermarket chais to make sure you’re on to a chai winner.

4. Ask for your salad dressing on the side.

Packaged salad dressings can be full of hidden sugars. If you’re out and about, ask for your dressing on the side so you can control how much you’re putting on.

At home, use fresh lemon, olive oil and salt. We’d argue that’s tastier than any bottled sauce, anyway.

We originally published this post in January 2017. We updated it in April 2017.

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