Rest doesn’t always mean sleep

By Phoebe McCreath |

I Quit Sugar - Rest doesn't always mean sleep

Everyone’s busy. We know.

But more often than not, it’s the busiest people that are in need of some quality rest.

If you’re sitting at your desk, watching your emails stack up, running late to your meeting and stressing about what to make the kids for dinner, these tips are for you! We’ve gathered together our fave ways to rest your mind and body – without letting your head touch the pillow.

1. Go for a walk.

Whether you have 10 minutes to spare (or half a day), a gentle stroll can work wonders. Whether you walk quickly or dawdle for a bit, enjoy it. Put your phone away and make eye contact with others in the street. Your soul will thank you for it.

2. Soak in the bath.

What better way to rinse off the day’s stress than in a warm bath. Lock the door and take some well-deserved “me time”. We love to add oils to our bath to help us relax and rejuvenate.

  • For the wellness warrior – Chamomile oil.
  • For the go-getter – Eucalyptus oil.
  • For the foodie Lemongrass oil.

3. Do some yoga.

Whether you trudge to your local studio to attend a class or simply download some YouTube videos and become a yogi master from the comfort of your lounge, yoga is a great way to stretch out your body and find a little calm in your day. You could even break out your fave poses on your lunch break!

4. Read a book.

You know that book that’s been sitting on your bedside table since forever? Pick it up! Reading is a great way to relax your body while letting your mind run wild in a whole new world.

5. Meditate.

Before you dismiss meditation as a little too “woo-woo” for you, keep reading – we promise it’s not! Science suggests that as some illnesses are directly related to stress, meditation can be as effective as medicine to find clarity and calm a busy mind. And, it doesn’t have to mean sitting in silence for 20 minutes, like in the movies. Active meditation, like going for a walk is just as meaningful. If you’re struggling with meditation, check out our fave app, 1 Giant Mind, which is perfect for beginners!

6. Listen to a podcast.

Like books, podcasts can take you on all kinds of journeys, and better yet? They don’t even require the energy it takes to read a book! There’s a podcast for whatever mood you’re in, so you can find a little escapism from whatever crazy curveballs life is throwing at you.

7. Put your face towards the sun.

A little natural vitamin D can go a long way. Just sitting in the sun for 10 minutes has been proven to lift your spirits and boost your mood.

8. Cuddle a pet (office dogs, hello!).

Sometimes you just need a cuddle. And, what’s better than a snuggle with a furry friend? Not only do they boost your mood and make you smile, but they can get you outside and moving too.

Our fave furry friend is our office dog, Hugo! How cute is he?

I Quit Sugar - Rest doesn't always mean sleep

9. Breathe.

You might be thinking, we all breathe, so what? But, did you know most of us are breathing wrong? Taking a few deep breaths can help relax your fight-or-flight response, lowering your stress levels. Check out the app, CalmMyBeat, for effective breathing exercises.

10. Take a nap.

Okay, we fibbed about not putting your head on the pillow. Sometimes all you need is to close your eyes for a bit. Mastering the art of a power nap could be a lifesaver when you’re really knackered. Just aim for a quick siesta, just 10–30 minutes can boost your memory and response time, any longer and you might drift into a deep sleep and wake up groggy!   

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