Shonky kids’ vitamins get called out…

By Phoebe McCreath |

I Quit Sugar - Shonky kids’ vitamins get called out…

If you haven’t heard of the annual CHOICE Shonky Awards, listen up!

These awards go to the dodgiest products on the market. After receiving public nominations, the team at CHOICE then judges them based on a set of criteria which includes the following – false claims, a lack of transparency or simply, flat out confusion.

No surprises this year though, Nature’s Way Vita Gummies was one of the winners (or should that be, losers?) for falsely claiming that these “lollies” were good for kids teeth. Sigh.

We’ve covered kids’ health and gummy vitamins before with the help of our mates at The Conversation and our expert dentist, so we’re thrilled to see a company finally being called out for their shonky product.

After a thorough analysis, the team at CHOICE came to a few conclusions (that we totally agree with) such as – typically, kids don’t even need daily vitamins and that the sticky sweet substance in this supplement will most definitely get stuck in teeth and lead to decay.

In fact, they even said that these vitamins are just, “Shonky candy aimed to tempt kids and trick parents so that big pharmaceutical companies can cash in”.

Move over, Mary Poppins – we don’t need sugar to help the medicine go down! Let’s keep vitamins, lollies and gummies separate from now on. If you need some sugar-free gummy ideas that the kids will love, we’ve got your back.

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