8-Week Program Starter Pack

 The 8-Week Program Starter Pack is the Original 8-Week Program PLUS the I Quit Sugar Cookbook with 108 sugar-free recipes to try. It’s the ultimate digital kit to get you (and your loved ones) off sugar for good.

Sarah Wilson‘s original I Quit Sugar – The Complete 8-Week Program is an in-depth, step-by-step guide to quitting sugar, 100% backed by science.
Your benefits:
  • 1.8 million people have quit so far
  • All techniques, menu plans and recipes work to international dietary guidelines and are approved by dieticians.
  • Incorporates  7-9 serves of veggies and fruit into your diet each day
  • Lose weight! 90 per cent of men lose weight on the 8-Week Program
  • Teaches you how to cook and eat Real Food.
  • It’s not a diet; The Program recalibrates your appetite system so you can find your natural appetite again!
  • It’s not calorie counting, it’s finding food freedom
  • Quitting sugar is about balancing gut health – banish the bloat, reduce allergies, improve alertness
  • In 2 weeks, skin visibly changes – less wrinkles, less pimples. Sugar causes premature ageing and is more damaging to skin than the sun!
  • Quitting sugar can improve hormonal imbalances, reduce cortisol and improve mental health.
  • High-sugar diets may increase the risk of dementia, heart disease and fatty liver. Plus too much sugar leads to weight gain, which increases the risk of developing 11 different types of cancer.

The I Quit Sugar Cookbook includes 108 sugar-free recipes. Think sugar-free desserts, snacks, kid-friendly meals and all time favourites. The perfect companion to get you started on your journey towards a healthier, sugar-free life.



What Sarah Wilson says:
“In January 2011, I quit sugar. It started as a gentle experiment, but my energy, skin and wellness changed so dramatically, I kept going.

Inspired by my own personal experience, I designed the 8-Week Program using the best science to help you banish sugar for good and experience what I call Food Freedom. No more addiction, no more snacking, no more gut issues!”