Summer eBook Pack

It’s summer lovin’ the sugar-free way! Discover a whole new world of deliciousness without all the fuss. We’ve bundled our favourites including our: Healthy Breakfast Cookbook – who doesn’t love an all-day breakfast + Clean ‘n’ Green Smoothies to get you through those long warm days.



What do you get from each eBook?

Healthy Breakfast Cookbook (digital)

  • 45 recipes created and developed by a qualified nutritionist.
  • Tips and tricks on how to build the perfect breakfast.
  • 7 delicious chapters, including Breakfast in 2 Minutes and Cafe Favourites.

Clean ‘n’ Green Smoothies (digital)

  • 35 nutrient-dense smoothie recipes that are simple to prepare.
  • Personal tips from Sarah Wilson as well as contributions from smoothie fanatics and wellness authors.
  • 4 inventive chapters, including Lush Smoothie Bowls and Show Stoppers.