The Soups Cookbook

If soup isn’t your cup of tea (and you’ve conjured up images of tasteless mush), we’re here to change your mind. Soup doesn’t have to be boring! With some basic tools and creative recipe ideas (like the ones contained in this eBook) you can create delicious, nutritious meals the whole family will gobble up. Every single time!

All 34 recipes are quick and simple to make – there’s even a whole chapter of ‘cheats blender soups’. But they all take the humble soup to a whole new level of deliciousness! How does Tuscan Ribollita sound?



Dig into:

  • Cheats blender soups
  • Bargain bowls (under $3 a serve)
  • 3 + serves of veggies in every bowl
  • Beautiful broths
  • Breakfast soups

*This eBook contains mostly brand new quirky and absolutely delicious soup recipes, plus a few favourites from our previous print only books.