Smelly food hacks

By Phoebe McCreath |

I Quit Sugar - Smelly food hacks

We’ve all been there… a recipe only calls for half an onion, so you pop the rest in the fridge. Next minute, you’ve got a case of stinky fridge.

When those pungent odours are circulating in such a small space, they can seep into everything – even the milk! So, take a deep breath (mouth only breathing!), clean out your fridge, and then try these hacks to kick that stink once and for all.

Use glass containers.

Move over plastic wrap, glass containers are here to stay! We all know soft plastic isn’t good for the environment, but it also doesn’t keep that smell contained. Opt for a glass container with a sealable lid, to trap smells in tight.

We recommend having a few glass containers in your fridge or freezer ready to collect those pesky veggies scraps for stock (try our stock paste) and pesto – odour free, of course!  

Add some baking soda.

Unlike those tutti-frutti air fresheners (that are bound to trigger an instant headache), baking soda works to naturally absorb and neutralise odour! Pop a dish with 1/2 cup of baking soda in your fridge to soak up that stink, or mix it with a tablespoon of vanilla essence to tackle more pungent smells. Just make sure you don’t use it in your baking afterwards…

Date your containers.

To save you from peering into containers, desperately trying to identify what that mushy substance used to be, label them! A simple sticker that says what you’ve cooked and the date you made it will save you (and your nostrils) the trouble.

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