Stressed out? Eat ya greens, says HUGE new study

By Camilla Wagstaff |

I Quit Sugar - Green Minestrone Soup

  • The more veggies you eat, the less stressed you’ll be, says a huge new study from the University of Sydney.
  • If you’re eating 3–4 serves of veg a day, you have a 12 per cent lower risk of stress than if you’re only eating 0–1 serves.
  • Women who ate 5–7 daily serves lowered their stress risk by 23 per cent compared to women who ate only one daily serve.

Yet ANOTHER reason to eat ya greens. #JERF!

A study of more than 60,000 Australian men and women aged 45 and over found every serve of veg we add to our brekkie, lunch and dinner is doing wonders for our stress levels.

The findings, published in The British Medical Journal, add to an increasing body of evidence that supports the food-mood connection.

“There’s growing awareness in that what we put into our mouths is closely linked to our mental state,” said Dr Melody Ding from Sydney Uni’s School of Public Health.

Let’s face it, modern life is stressful. So if eating more veggies will help us out, we’re willing to give it a try! Struggling to get in the 7–9 serves a day we recommend? Here’s a hearty bowl of veggie soup to get you started (perfect for this rainy weather)!

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