7 tips for making the perfect sugar-free brownies

By Rachel O'Regan |

I Quit Sugar – Zucchini Brownies

Fudgy and chewy and FULL of chocolate, is there anything more decadent than a brownie fresh out of the oven?

Yep, brownies are a celebration staple in the IQS office. And our marketing executive (and very own star baker) Alyssa makes the richest, gooiest sugar-free* brownies around.

But sugar-free brownies we hear you say?! It’s definitely possible… and definitely delicious.

Never tried brownies without sugar or just want to improve your baking skills? Alyssa shares her top tips for making the best sugar-free brownies you’ll ever eat.

1. Fudge factor. “We don’t just add veggies to our brownies to be healthy! Zucchini, sweet potato, beetroot and even chickpeas help make brownies moist and fudgy, without the sugar.”

2. Choose your flour wisely. “Almond meal is the best for brownies – it makes them super fudgy. Buckwheat flour is also great. Coconut flour is very tricky and soaks up a LOT of moisture, so you better know what you’re doing or risk a brownie brick!”

3. Less is really more. “You don’t want your brownies to be a cake, so resist the temptation to add more flour to the mix! The batter should be pretty runny when you put it in the oven.”

4. Don’t be afraid of the dark. “If your batter looks extremely dark, don’t worry too much. The brownies will come out lighter when they’re baked. And anyway, they’re supposed to be rich! I never skimp on the cacao.”

5. Mix it up a little. “The beauty of the brownie is they’re easy to customise. Add some chopped nuts for crunch, frozen berries for sweetness or chunks of dark chocolate for a little extra decadence.”

6. Avoid overcooking. “People often wait for their brownies to get crispy. But you won’t get that with sugar-free brownies because there’s no crystallisation. Test your brownies are moist, yet cooked, by sticking a skewer into the centre. It should come out sticky, but not runny. Your brownies will also continue to set while it cools, something to keep in mind.”

7. Fix a brownie brick. “Hey, everyone makes a dud brownie from time to time! But you can easily fix your mistakes by crumbling the brownies up and serving with yoghurt, berries and maybe even sugar-free caramel sauce. Instant sundae!”

Want to try it yourself? Here are 5 classic brownie recipes to start you off.

Zucchini Brownies


Sweet Potato Brownies

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Chocolate + Walnut Brownies

I Quit Sugar: Chocolate + Walnut Brownies by Fiona Tuck

Raw Peanut Butter + Jelly Brownie

I Quit Sugar - Peanut Butter + Jelly Raw Brownie recipe by Natasha Giuffre

Eggshell Brownies


* While we quit fructose on the I Quit Sugar: 8-Week Program, these recipes contain a small amount of rice malt syrup (a blend of glucose and maltose). We recommend enjoying on special occasions and sticking to a small portion size, or cutting down on the sweetener even further.

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