3 sugar-free treats for your dog

By Megan (Nutritionist + Recipe Developer) |


We’re a dog-friendly bunch here at I Quit Sugar HQ and the office dog, Zeus, gets a fair amount of attention from all of us. So you can imagine how thrilled we were when we came across the dog-friendly blog, Pretty Fluffy by Serena Faber Nelson. It’s full of vital info for pooch owners, such as how to make a Dog-Friendly Pinata or a Dog Wedding Bow Tie. A whole section on the blog is dedicated to Dogs at Weddings; so cute! What we love most about Pretty Fluffy is the sugar-free homemade dog treats which, luckily for us (and Zeus), Serena shares with us today.

Sweet Potato Pretzel Dog Treats

Did you know that Sweet Potatoes are one of the top Superfoods for Dogs? Among the highest vegetables on the nutrition scale, sweet potatoes include Vitamins A, C, Manganese and Iron which are good for a healthy coat and immune system. Their high level of fibre also aids in healthy digestion.” Here’s the recipe for Sweet Potato Pretzel Dog Treats.


Coconut Ball Dog Treats

Everyone’s coconuts for coconuts these days. To get your dog in on the act, try these no bake coconut dogs treats! With just 4 ingredients and 4 easy to follow steps, your dog will be chowing down in no time.” Find out how to make the no-bake Coconut Ball Dog Treats here.


Peanut Butter + Ginger Snaps Dog Treats

“[These biscuits include] not only ginger, but one of her favourite ingredients of all time, peanut butter. I call these little beauties PB & G-inger Snaps (see what I did there, PB & G? Clever right?). I am 100% positive your pooch will love this combination. Mine sat in front of the oven the entire time because she couldn’t resist the smell.” Here’s the recipe.


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