News flash: Sugar triples your risk of heart disease

By Jordanna Levin |

I Quit Sugar - Newsflash! Sugar triples your risk of heart disease
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  • Scientists have found a striking link between our daily consumption of calories from sugar-laden foods and heart disease death rates.
  • Just one can of soft drink (or, if we’re to be honest, fruit juice) a day is enough to raise the risk.
  • Will this finally be enough to make people give up the sweet stuff?

A study has found that people consuming a quarter of their calories from added sugar tripled their risk of heart attack compared with those whose sugar intake was less than 10 per cent.

The study is the first to make this link after taking into account weight, age, health, exercise and diet. Research has already linked sugar consumption to diabetes, weight gain and obesity.

What Sarah had to say:

“Yes, slowly, slowly the science is pouring in… For decades we have been “sold” (literally) the message that saturated fats caused heart disease. There is no science to this message, just politics and vested interests. I’ve written about this here. Now science is seeing the errors of its ways and setting the science straight.

“Sugar literally lacerates our arteries; cholesterol is simply the Bandaid that comes along to fix the injury caused by sugar. Over time, too many Bandaids block our arteries, which can lead to heart attack.

“Sugar also increases blood pressure and weight gain, both risk factors for heart disease. It also gets stored as visceral fat – the fat that congeals around our organs, yet another heart disease precipitator.

“You know what I find interesting, too? The study refers to excess sugar consumption as being a quarter of calories. Can I just point out that the U.S. Institute of Medicine’s sugar guidelines are – I kid you not – up to 25 per cent of total calories. Yes, sigh…”

What do you think about these findings? Do you think the latest link between sugar and our mortality is enough to make people give up the sweet stuff?

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