7 signs you’re addicted to sugar

By Rachel O'Regan |

I Quit Sugar - 7 signs you're addicted to sugar

Sugar is downright addictive stuff. It’s no wonder many of us find it SO tough to shake its hold on us.

But tough doesn’t have to mean unachievable. In fact, with a little support and self-awareness, you can slay your dependency on the sweet stuff once and for all.  See if you spot yourself in any of the points below!

1. You can’t stop at just one biscuit, chocolate, slice of cake.

You tell yourself “I’ll have just one”, but before you know it, you’ve demolished half a packet of cookies. Just a sniff of the sweet stuff sends you on a Yogi Bear-like rampage.

2. You eat sugary foods even when you really don’t want to.

“This is the day I stop eating sugar,” you say. But by mid-morning the cravings have already kicked in, you’re trawling Pinterest for dessert recipes and your resolve is totally gone. “I’ll just have one…”

3. You bookend your days with sweet stuff.

You wouldn’t be able to wake up without a bowl of sugary granola, yoghurt or jammy toast. On the other hand, it just wouldn’t feel right going to bed without a square of chocolate to round out your dinner.

4. You can’t get through the afternoons without a sugar hit.

The 3 PM slump hits you HARD, and you’re well-known in the office for your daily afternoon pilgrimages to the vending machine or doughnut shop across the road.

5. You feel sick, stroppy or shaky when you go without sugar.

When you do go without sugar, you feel it. You can only handle  a couple of hours of shakiness and headaches before you snap at someone to bring you something sweet.

6. You’ve quit “sugar”… but still gorge yourself on maple syrup, honey, dates and juice.

Sure, the white powdered stuff is out of your life completely… but you’re still totally reliant on other “natural” sources of sweetness. Unfortunately, they’re still just as addictive!

7. You’re always hungry (and even when you’re not, you’re craving dessert).

It doesn’t matter if you have one slice of cake or three, you’ll still feel hungry. And, even when you’ve stuffed yourself on dinner, there’s always room for dessert.

Sound familiar? If you’re tired of feeling controlled by sugar, then the I Quit Sugar: 8-Week Program can help set you free. (Dramatic comparison perhaps, but that’s what addiction can feel like.)

As well as introducing you to a wonderful world of sugar-free foods and recipes, our panel of more than 40 experts are there to support you on the journey to a healthier, happier you. 

We originally published this article in January 2016. We updated it in April 2017.

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