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Anita’s story: “As a vegetarian, I thought I was healthy… but I feel SO much better since quitting sugar!”

I Quit Sugar - Anita: “As a vegetarian, I’ve never eaten so many veggies than on the 8-Week Program.”

As a vegetarian, 26-year-old Anita seemed to be the picture of perfect health. 

But, in reality, the busy primary school teacher struggled to get through her days without Diet Coke, junk food and chocolate bars to pick up her energy levels. And she had no idea that sugar addiction was the reason why!

Until she found our I Quit Sugar: 8-Week Program. The first thing she learned? For a vegetarian, she didn’t eat nearly enough veggies! Here’s how Anita turned to real food and cut the sugary crap out of her life… and lost 5kg (11lb) in the process!

I chose unhealthy snacks over nutritional meals.

I have been a vegetarian for more than 10 years and thought I was eating quite a healthy diet. However, calorie counting, snacking and drinking glasses of Diet Coke wasn’t exactly making me feel healthy or full of energy. My afternoon slumps and binge sessions on chocolate or chips were getting out of control. I would choose unhealthy snacks over a nutritional meal.

Calorie counting, snacking and drinking glasses of Diet Coke wasn’t exactly making me feel full of energy.

I found quitting sugar much easier than expected!

I always had an excuse about why I needed chocolate after a long day. But once I’d committed to the goal, I wanted to stick to the Program and complete the detox properly. I read about the effects of sugar, fuelling my decisions during the Program. Surprisingly, the one thing I missed most was Diet Coke, showing just how addictive sweeteners can be as well as sugar.

I don’t have to worry about deficiencies anymore.

After a weekly shop during the 8-Week Program, my fridge was stocked. My shopping list would mostly feature fresh produce, and it felt great to have so many serves of vegetables a day. Before the Program, I wasn’t eating near enough vegetables or taking note of protein.

After the program, I saw my iron levels go up, which was pleasing to both me and my GP.

I loved the huge variety of vegetarian meals!

I enjoyed the differing flavours and constant balance of protein and vegetables. Some of my favourite meals were the Pumpkin, Sage + Buffalo Mozzarella Pizza, Chickpea Pilaf with Halloumi and the Curried Quinoa with Zesty Roast Cauliflower. Even my meat-eating husband liked the meals!

I have NEVER eaten so many vegetables.

I feel ashamed to admit that I have never eaten as many vegetables in a day than on the 8-Week Program. The Program highlighted for me the importance of having more than five servings of vegetables a day and how much better my body felt when I was filling it with the right food. Instead of snacking on fruit all day long and only eating vegetables at dinner time, I now make an effort to include vegetables in snacks and meals wherever I can.

As a vegetarian of over 10 years, I have never eaten as many vegetables in a day than on the 8-Week Program.

Plus, I’m much more creative in the kitchen.

I must say that I had never made my own polenta chips or pesto until the 8-Week Program! It has developed my cooking skills and creativity as a vegetarian and I loved the vast variety of meal options. Now I often have a batch of Cheesy Biscuits, Frittatas or Spiced Coco-nutty Muffins frozen for when I need them. This also means less temptation to snack on chocolate or biscuits all morning tea break!

I finally feel healthy.

I am not eating tiny portions or calorie counting and yet I am losing weight. I am eating nutritional meals that fill me up, and I have lost 5kg (11lbs)! I have much more energy and have noticed great improvements in my mood. Now I have seen that I can eat wonderful, delicious meals, that don’t actually have any sugar.

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