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Beck’s story: “Quitting sugar helped me fall pregnant. Twice.”

I Quit SUga r- Beck’s story: “Quitting sugar helped me fall pregnant. Twice.”

In a fast-paced and demanding job, social worker Beck ate sugary treats just to get through each day.

But when faced with infertility due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Beck decided to quit the sweet stuff in her quest to become a mum. She now has two beautiful sons, and says her journey to a sugar-free life was key.


Before quitting sugar, falling pregnant was going to be incredibly difficult.

It was my gynaecologist/urologist who initially diagnosed me with PCOS, a hormonal condition that was causing fertility issues.  

He referred me on to an IVF clinic and a dietician. Among all the advice they gave me, one thing rang out loud and clear: reduce your sugar intake, increase your chances of falling pregnant.

Initially, I just cut out my daily 3pm sugar fix and after-dinner sweet treat as part of a wider health plan. My goal was to lose weight and better my odds of conceiving.

I lost 13kg in five months.

Just from cutting out the sweet treats and daily desserts. I was shocked!

A new goal evolved: HOW to quit sugar long term. This is where Sarah Wilson‘s I Quit Sugar recipe books came in.

Quitting sugar for good helped me fall pregnant. Twice.

Using the books as a guide, I learnt how to stay off the sugar long-term.

This not only helped me stay at a healthy weight for my body. It’s also balanced out my hormones, lowered the spikes in my blood sugar levels and reduced the pressure on my overall health.

My infertility was caused by hormonal imbalances. Given that sugar directly affects these, quitting sugar contributed greatly to my two pregnancies.

Beck’s story: “Quitting sugar helped me fall pregnant. Twice.”Beck with Max, 5 months pregnant with our second son Sonny.

The IQS recipes helped me STAY off the sugar.

We all know sugar is bad, but I needed something that showed me how to quit sugar long term.

The IQS books armed my family with the know-how, completely changing our pantry, fridge and lives.

I Quit Sugar - Beck’s story: “Quitting sugar helped me fall pregnant. Twice.”Beck’s son Max putting away bok choy, in prep for making Sarah’s “Choy Sum, Soba and Tempeh Salad”.

Most of the meals we cook now are directly from I Quit Sugar, I Quit Sugar for Life and I Quit Sugar: Simplicious. My husband often cooks the recipes for our two sons and I (he’s a great cook) and he thoroughly enjoys the meals just as much as I do.

Quitting sugar was the best thing I ever did for my health.

I have stuck to the low-sugar life for four years now and it is undoubtedly the best change I’ve ever made in terms of my health and wellbeing.

My two beautiful sons are also growing up sugar-free (most of the time) because they are eating what we eat. You just need to take the leap!  

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