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Candy’s story: “My daughters and I finally found something that works – we’ve lost 20kg together!”

I Quit Sugar – Candy’s story: “My daughters and I finally found something that works – we’ve lost 20kg together!”

Candy was tired of counting.

Counting calories, counting Weight Watchers points and counting the number on the scale had left this dental assistant from New Zealand feeling pretty dissatisfied.

Encouraged by a few real-life testimonials, Candy quit sugar with her two daughters. Now the only thing they’re counting is the health benefits!


My weight was yoyoing and I felt sick.

I was a life member at Weight Watchers. I loved it at first – I lost 30kg in 10 months. Size 24 down to a 12!  But I was still unwell – suffering depression, arthritis, allergies and bloating.

Eventually, the weight crept on again. I thought reducing fat and calories was the only way, but I always tired and craving something. Every night I’d sit in bed watching TV and eating chocolate!

Every night I’d sit in bed watching TV and eating chocolate!

Not only that, my family was showing signs of sugar addiction, too. My teenage daughters would eat a king size bar of chocolate per day and was wash it down with fizzy drinks. I had to do something about it.

I heard about quitting sugar.

I noticed that a principal at the school I was working at was looking really fresh and full of energy. She said she had quit sugar. I rolled my eyes – it sounded like another fad diet.

But later on, I bumped into a friend who was also looking slim and glowing. She too had “quit sugar”. Okay, I decided, I have to read up on this thing!

My love for real food was reawakened!

I bought I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson and tried some of the recipes. It all made sense – this was how my mum and grandparents would have eaten. I started changing skim milk to full fat, using butter instead of margarine and only using olive or coconut oil to cook with.

I realised I loved cooking from scratch and that I had stopped doing that at some point in my life.

It all made sense – this was how grandparents would have eaten.

Now I’ve lost 15kg and kept it off.

My hay fever congestion is pretty much non-existent now. And my tummy doesn’t get all bloated and achy anymore. I no longer need antacids for overeating, because I’m satisfied.

I still take my medication for depression but I am actually the happiest I’ve been in a long, long time. I feel well and that is such a bonus.

My family love the sugar-free life, too.

I love preparing tasty, filling awesomeness for my family (there are seven of us in my house!).

My teenage daughters’ health has changed so much. One lost half a kilo and 13cm off her waist, while the other lost 5kg and 13cm off her waist. Their skin is clearer, too.

My daughters both lost 13cm from their waistlines.

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I haven’t regretted anything about quitting sugar!

Now I eat food that nourishes my body. Last year I walked a half-marathon for the first time and felt amazing. My workmates have all been asking for help and advice and I often get compliments on how well I look!


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