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Claire’s story: “Quitting sugar boosted my immune system after cancer.”

I Quit Sugar – Claire’s story: “Quitting sugar boosted my immune system after cancer.”

After recovering from cancer, mum-of-two Claire’s immune system was so shot she caught everything going around.

Claire joined the I Quit Sugar: 8-Week Program to see if improving her diet would help. She would have never guessed how much sugar she was actually eating – and how much better she’d feel when she quit it!


I always thought I was very healthy.

My mother grew up on a farm. I remember her talking about the importance of organic, local produce, avoiding processed foods and always making things from scratch.

But at 20, I was diagnosed with cancer.

Even after I recovered, my immune system was seriously compromised. I also experienced crippling stomach pains no doctor could explain. I knew I had to eat as well as possible to improve my health. Then, I bought the I Quit Sugar book on a whim…

I realised I was addicted to sugar!

I hid my sugar addiction behind so-called healthy eating: fruit juice, low-fat yogurt, low-fat foods, cereal, dried fruit and homemade treats sweetened with plenty of honey and maple syrup.

I hid my sugar addiction behind so-called healthy eating.

Quitting my addiction was tough at first.

I had some major headaches for about a week after I joined the Program. And there was a short period where I couldn’t think about anything other than sugar!

But I found the Program gentle and forgiving, and it helped me through the withdrawal.

Then the impossible happened…

I stopped craving sugar! I could look at something sweet and know that I wouldn’t enjoy it, and that even if I did, the headaches and digestive issues wouldn’t be worth it.

I also never realised how much sugar had deadened my tastebuds. Food tasted a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Fruit was intensely sweet and even vegetables tasted so much better to me.

My health has completely changed for the better!

I have lost about five kilos, my skin is clear, I have more energy, I sleep better, I know when I am full and my mood is best when I stay away from the white stuff. I also stopped getting stomach pains, and have not had them since.

I have lost 5kg, my skin is clear, I have more energy and I sleep better.

I will be seven years cancer-free this year, which is amazing. While my immune system may never fully recover, I have more energy and less illness when I keep sugar as low as possible.

I Quit Sugar – Claire’s story: “Quitting sugar boosted my immune system after cancer.”

My kids love the healthy changes.

When we introduced my son to solids, he immediately adored vegetables, even broccoli! I can’t prove it, but I’m willing to bet it is because, although I didn’t realise it at the time, I was pregnant with him at the end of the program. I’ve heard that the diet of the pregnant mother can influence a baby’s taste buds!

I’ll never forget what I learnt from the Program.

It sparked a passion in me, so much that I started my own website. As a mum of two, raising my kids sugar-free was something I was really passionate about but felt was quite difficult to get your head around. So Raising Sugar Free Kids was born.

What is there to lose?

If you’re thinking about quitting sugar, just give it a shot! Eight weeks goes quickly, and only four of those are completely without sugar or fruit. It’s such a small amount of time to give up for the potential major benefits you could get.

Eight weeks goes quickly for the major benefits you get.

And if you can, get your whole family on board. It helps to have support, and if you think the benefits of quitting sugar are great in adults, they are even better for children!

Are you ready to transform your life and quit sugar for good? 
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