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Elise’s story: “I quit sugar and suddenly ALL my health issues improved!”

I Quit Sugar - Elise’s story: “I quit sugar and suddenly ALL my health issues improved!"

PCOS, insulin resistance, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Elise was suffering one health issue after the next…

But that all changed when she discovered the I Quit Sugar: 8-Week Program. Now, her entire family have turned their health around!


I thought my family was eating pretty healthily.

But in reality, we ate a lot of hidden sugar. While we’d never have soft drinks, we would drink apple juice. We went through a 1kg tub of honey every month, and had a habit of eating ice cream or custard after dinner.

I’d also find myself getting my two daughters fast food at the end of my working week, just out of pure exhaustion. And I would always reach for the sweet treats when I was stressed.

The Program helped make sense of it all.

I loved the weekly emails with information on why, as well how to quit sugar. It helped me think about it all logically.

Having PCOS, I’d seen dieticians over the years who always told me going low-fat was the best option.

I didn’t realise how much extra sugar I was consuming in the pursuit of weight loss.

The blog was also great, as was the access to so many recipes. The Sunday Cook-up was a lifesaver during the working week, it helped get meals on the table quickly and easily.

My health improved out of sight!

I went to the doctor six weeks into the Program.

After suffering from high blood pressure, insulin and cholesterol issues for years, all my readings were suddenly spot on.

Elise’s story: “I quit sugar and suddenly ALL my health issues improved!"Elise’s skin looks a million bucks since completing the Progam. And she’s healthier on the inside, too!

All the hormones related to my PCOS were also all within normal limits. My doctor even commented on how healthy I was inside.

The Program meals were so filling!

My husband Michael loved all the savoury breakfasts. The Aussie Beef burger was also a hit.

The girls love Sarah’s KFC. We also managed a sugar-free Christmas menu and didn’t feel sick and sluggish in the afternoon (which is usually the case on Christmas Day!).

My whole family is thriving!

My daughter Millie has alopecia areata, which causes her to lose chunks of hair.

We noticed through the course of reducing her sugar intake her hair appeared less brittle.

Her dermatologist feels that eating less sugar will help in her hair health.

I Quit Sugar - Elise’s story: “I quit sugar and suddenly ALL my health issues improved!"
Her whole family is thriving without sugar!

Michael’s reflux has improved greatly. We both have apple cider vinegar each morning and I make him gelatin gummies.

I’ve even begun making a number of ferments from I Quit Sugar: Simplicious (which feels like a bible now!). Thank you so much!

Are you ready to transform your life and quit sugar for good? 
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