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Nicole, marketing manager “I owe the I Quit Sugar Team big time.”

We first discovered Nicole on Instagram. Like many, she led a very healthy lifestyle except for one key factor… sugar! This is her story…

A few years ago my health hit rock-bottom. I was constantly tired, bloated and unmotivated. As a result, I made the decision to “own” my health and do something “future me” would thank me for. I overhauled my lifestyle and found a new relationship with food.

However, despite my new clarity I always felt like I wasn’t quite there yet…

Then I came across Sarah’s book.

I was researching a project at work, and began to flick through the pages. I was already living a relatively healthy lifestyle, but I was eating daily “healthy” snacks of fruit, low-fat yoghurt, protein bars and honey in my tea… then there was the block or two of dark chocolate a week. Without even realising it I’d built my new “healthy” lifestyle around sugar and, more terrifyingly around food I and many others considered “healthy”.

With a little trepidation, I began my 8-Week journey…

The first two weeks were actually surprisingly easier than I had imagined and for the majority of the time, I actually felt pretty good. Coco-nutty Granola was definitely my go to for a little sweetness.

Week three had me desperately craving fruit and lots of it and then I hit a wall, headaches, kidney pains – clearly a sugar addict – which went by in a blur until the magnificence of week seven rolled around! My skin started glowing, my eyes sparkling and I had a spring in my step. More importantly though I actually just felt healthy for the first time in my life.

I knew I’d found my happy nutrition place.

Walking down the chocolate aisle in the supermarket used to be a nightmare of brightly coloured foil packaging and a constant internal battle of wills which almost always ended with a win to my sweet nemesis. Even if I managed to drag myself past the aisle I’d be ambushed at the checkout with a surprise Easter egg attack.

Now, almost 12 weeks on, I can happily walk, not scurry, past the once damned aisle without even the smallest desire to buy, eat or smell it. I have committed to a sugar-free future – I owe Sarah and the I Quit Sugar team big time!

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We originally published this post in July 2013. 

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