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Fay’s story: “I’m the only person I know who used to sprinkle sugar on my salad!”

I Quit Sugar - “I’m the only person I know who used to sprinkle sugar on my salad!”

Fay was a lifetime sugar-junkie, so hooked on the white stuff she actually used to sprinkle sugar onto her salads! After the 8-Week Program, the 72-year-old says she’s found the secret to being healthy and active at any age.

When not poring over her I Quit Sugar books, Fay also looks after her 102-year-old mother. You’re our hero, Fay! Here she is to share her journey, from yo-yo diets all the way to the I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program. Take it away, Fay!


I always had a sweet tooth growing up.

Coming home from school with my best friend, we’d buy sweeties and eat them as we walked. At home, I’d make a beeline for the biscuit tin and eat a handful before the evening meal. This addiction to sugar continued into adulthood and motherhood before I finally realised that my behaviours where sugar was concerned were actually addictive.

I became a yo-yo dieter, but could never stick with anything!

I’ve always been a chronic yo-yo dieter and often wondered if my eating was becoming compulsive. I was enthusiastic about every diet and philosophy I tried, but could never stick with the regimes for more than a couple of months. But on the 8-Week Program, Sarah suggests we don’t tell ourselves we can’t eat something, but rather that we just choose not to. And it actually worked!

I Quit Sugar - “I’m the only person I know who used to sprinkle sugar on my salad!”

Sarah suggests we see the 8-Week Program as an experiment – not a commitment for life.

Sarah’s program focused on my core problem – my addiction to sugar. I first started tackling this addiction when I read her books, then bought her 8-Week Program (without the meal plans). But over time, I started losing interest with my own meals I was making. I needed to change to a different way of cooking, which is exactly what the 8-Week Program offers. And I’m so glad that I did! Sarah describes her 8-Week Program as a life-changer. And it definitely is!

I am certain that the Program will provide the foundation for a healthy and active old age.

I have lost around 12 kilos so far (with more to come off) but already I feel so much healthier with so much more energy! I was thrilled when people started telling me how much better I looked – slimmer, better skin and brighter eyes! However, the main benefit is knowing now that a lifetime of permanently healthy eating is possible.

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