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Jenny’s story: “As a GP, quitting sugar improved my health – and helped my patients too!”

I Quit Sugar - Jenny’s story

As a doctor, Jenny had always been well informed about nutrition and would offer advice to her patients about forming better eating habits.

But, after long hours at work started taking their toll and bad habits crept in, Jenny finally turned to the 8-Week Program for help – and never looked back!


When my work schedule changed and hours increased, I fell into bad eating habits.

I started skipping breakfast, eating on the run, and would arrive home absolutely starving. Inevitably I began reaching for something quick and easy, like a piece of toast for dinner, but it then became sugary muesli bars, pies and I’d even treat myself after a long day at work to an ice cream. All of a sudden, I was eating more sugar than EVER!

I became lethargic and struggled to make it around the wards at work.

So, I’d nip to the kitchen to make another sweet tea as a pick-me-up. By the time I decided enough was enough, I’d gained 15kgs, suffered from headaches and couldn’t sleep properly.

I signed up to the 8-Week Program to get my health back on track – and immediately, I was inspired!

The first step for me was to diligently clear out my pantry and fridge, throwing out everything that contained sugar. Initially, it looked bleak and boring, but after my first proper (sugar-free) grocery shop, my fridge was full with an array of fresh, colourful veggies.

I Quit Sugar - Jenny’s story

I quickly rediscovered my love for cooking and the layout of the Program made it so easy to prepare meals. While I initially missed my “quick fix” jam on toast, soon, my go-to snacks became nuts, seeds and hummus.

Now? My energy is back, my headaches have disappeared, and my quality of sleep is fantastic – I don’t even get the 3pm slump anymore.

Best of all, I’ve lost 8kg and now that I have more energy, I know I can lose the rest as I increase my exercise.

Being sugar-free has just become second nature too! I’ve managed to stay on track while enjoying three big overseas trips, and apart from the occasional celebration, I’ve been confident in saying “no thank you” to cake and sugary drinks. Some of my friends have even seen my changes and joined me – and I’m so proud to be able to be an example for my colleagues and patients!

I Quit Sugar - Jenny’s story

Quitting sugar isn’t a fad diet

It’s a change to better your life!

This really is the lifestyle I want to have and the way I want to nourish myself and those who visit my home.

My advice for everyone else is, once you sign up, prep your kitchen and pantry supplies, gather your support crew and go all out.  Embrace the experience fully – enjoy the cooking, laugh a lot and anticipate your success and good health!

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