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Kelly’s story: “I used to restrict myself to just 1200 calories, but with IQS I lost weight and my exercise anxiety!”

I Quit Sugar - Kelly's Testimonial

Before quitting sugar, Kelly struggled with working out, stuck to a strict diet and struggled to lose weight. But, in just eight weeks that all changed…


My life before IQS was either a strictly structured 1200 calorie diet or, a massive binge fest.

I’ve always felt really good when my diet’s structured, so I thought being that strict was the way to go. Then (without fail) I’d hit the five-week mark of my latest challenge and think “oh, I’ll just have a treat night”… which then turned into a week… followed by a month. Oops!

I was moody, anxious and always tired.

But, I never thought it was related to what I was eating because I had such a “good” diet.

I Quit Sugar - Kelly's Testimonial

I started my sugar-quitting journey the week before Easter!

At first I was super tired, irritated, and heartbroken that everyone was eating copious amounts of chocolate around me! But, I stayed strong, pushed through the Easter period and the second week brought energy (so much so that I found it hard to sit still), mental clarity and I felt driven to succeed.

I quickly learned that nearly everything I’d been eating was PACKED with sugar.

You just don’t realise that even “healthy” food contains so much of the sweet stuff. I thought I was pretty educated but I was very wrong.

The meal plan was perfect for our busy lifestyle.

In order to get prepped for the week ahead, my hubby and I would cook together. Having all the info online made it super easy too, so we always felt motivated to continue with our sugar-free eating.

I Quit Sugar - Kelly's Testimonial

After resetting my body as well as my mind, I’ve said goodbye to my anxiety.

I used to have severe exercise anxiety and mild general anxiety – just the thought of raising my heart rate and sweating would panic me. But now, I’m able to do four CrossFit sessions a week and I love pushing myself further each session. I’ve also lost about five kilos and kept it off.

I Quit Sugar - Kelly's Testimonial

Since the Program, I’ve added small treats into my diet, but nowhere near as much sugar as I used to eat.

I certainly notice my moodiness the day after a sweet treat (and my hubby does too!). I still opt for a lil’ rice malt syrup in my tea instead of sugar, and the muesli bars and protein balls make a weekly appearance in our diets.

My advice to all my friends is, just do it! Push through the initial sugar “come down” because it’s worth it. My body looks the best it ever has, I feel mentally stable and put simply, it’s dramatically changed my life.

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