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Over the last few years, people from all walks of life have joined us on our sugar-quitting mission!

From cancer patients, to women trying to fall pregnant, to men searching for more energy – so we thought it was about time we celebrated all the different people who have joined the 8-Week Program and found the sugar-free life.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and fertility…

September is PCOS awareness month, so what better way to spread the word than with sugar-free success stories!

Natalie was diagnosed with PCOS at 27 and was heartbroken when she was told she may struggle with infertility. Quitting sugar not only helped her lose 13 kilos, but it rebalanced her hormones and improved her fertility too.

After struggling with PCOS and endometriosis since she was 15, Tahlia’s doctors were surprised when she cut out the sweet stuff and fell pregnant just eight weeks later.

Cancer patients.

While recovering from cancer, Claire found her immune system was shot. But quitting sugar completely reformed her health and boosted her energy. Now she can play with her kids worry-free!


Leah absolutely SMASHED the New York Marathon and credits her amazing performance to being sugar-free!

I Quit Sugar - Leah's Testimonial


As a vegetarian, Anita thought she was making healthy food choices because she wasn’t reaching for meat. But, it wasn’t until getting rid of the sugar in her diet that she realised how much her sugar addiction had impacted her life.


Pablo was sick of quick fixes and fad diets, but as soon as he cut out sugar all the weight he was trying to lose fell away.

Seymour has had fantastic long-term success with quitting sugar and is now finding he’s quicker and stronger, cycling around 190km a week. Wow!

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