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Maddison’s story: “I lost weight, healed my stomach issues and changed my lifestyle by quitting sugar!”

I Quit Sugar - Maddison’s story: “I lost weight, healed my acne and changed my lifestyle by quitting sugar!”

Since my late teens, I’ve had awful stomach issues.

I also battled with blemish-prone skin for years – and no doubt, my skin was a reflection of my poor diet. But instead of addressing the food I was eating, I blamed my skin issues on poor-quality makeup products. In February last year, I weighed 73kg and was feeling unhealthy and pimply-faced.

One day, while at my friend’s house, I noticed a huge heavy I Quit Sugar recipe book.

Feeling curious, I asked her what it was about and she explained how our friends had been doing this whole “no sugar thing”. Apparently, they all felt great and had lost weight.

I decided to buy a copy for myself and after devouring the first book, I quickly moved onto the next.

Soon, my days and nights consisted of me researching the effects of sugar, as I had been oblivious to the repercussions my whole life. I’m sure my poor boyfriend’s ears were in pain from hearing every single fact that I learnt! But seriously,  I found it mind-boggling. And, he also began to minimise his soft drink intake, so he must have been listening!

My sugar addiction was so consuming that if I started eating something with sugar, I literally couldn’t stop until the whole packet was empty.

I knew to overcome my addiction I had to throw out all of the sugar-loaded sauces, low-fat and fat-free products that I had in my pantry and fridge. I used to think that because a product advertised itself as “healthy”, then it must be!

After a few days, the withdrawals kicked in and I was irritable and stressed!

Thankfully the withdrawals – which brought up feelings of anxiety for me – only lasted a few days and once they subsided I felt so much better. It was hard to believe that a single substance like sugar could have that kind of effect on my body!  After they passed, I apologised to my colleagues and felt much calmer – thankfully it was a quick mental transformation for me. And, the physical results of ditching sugar started to surface within just a few weeks too as my skin cleared up and I lost 6kg in a month – it just melted off!

A year later, I am glowing, healthy and happy inside and out.

I now weigh about 60kgs and have stayed the same weight since around July last year. Although I work in hospitality and am constantly on my feet, I’m not the biggest fan of exercise, so I’m living proof that you are what you eat. I still eat in abundance, but I’m much more organised now. I always bring a packed lunch and have snacks with me.

I feel that knowledge is key and I personally couldn’t have done this without giving myself time to study as it wasn’t going to be just a diet change, but also a lifestyle change.

It took me a few weeks to properly get myself off the sweet stuff as I didn’t want to rush it. I did try to disconnect myself from the messages of mainstream media and brands claiming to be healthy… when really they aren’t. You only have to put an extra 10 seconds into looking at the ingredients list of a product to realise that sugar is literally EVERYWHERE.

Your health is your wealth and if you aren’t willing to look after your body then, who will?

Once you make the change, trust me, all your hard work will pay off and shine through as your body and mindset changes!The habits you create will slowly become a part of your lifestyle and once your body recalibrates, you won’t know any different!

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