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Rani’s story: “I love the Program so much, I’ve done it 12 times!”

If anyone’s an expert on quitting sugar, it’s Rani Hansen. The lawyer is such a fan of the recipes on our I Quit Sugar: 8-Week Program that she’s gone on to do it 12 times (and counting!).

But it’s not just the recipes that keep Rani coming back for more. From clear skin to a completely organised cooking routine, Rani explains why she’s gone from addicted to sugar, to addicted to quitting sugar. Rani, take the stand!


Since quitting sugar my skin looks a million bucks.

The pimples and redness have disappeared, replaced with a healthy sugar-free glow. Honestly, the difference is amazing.

The recipes on the 8-Week Program are flippin’ amazing!

Each time you do the Program you get access to a whole bunch of brand new recipes, along with some old favourites that are exclusive to the 8-Week Program. And rest assured it’s the recipes (not my cooking skills) that make the I Quit Sugar meals so good. Not so long ago I called my mum to ask how to line a baking tin… true story!

Imagine not have to think about what you were going to cook for eight weeks straight.

On the 8-Week Program, all your meal planning and shopping lists are done for you. It’s like the IQS fairies came and gave me an hour back every Saturday morning. And gone are those mid-week decisions about what to eat for dinner, which almost always end in me saying “Let’s just get pizza!” and my hubby saying “Hooray!”.

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Each time I do the 8-Week Program I learn something new.

Whether it’s how to reheat a boiled egg in a mug (yes, it works!), or that I can feed my hubby bolognese made with capsicum and he will never know… genius!

I’ve connected with hundreds of people across the world that enrich my life.

People in the Program connect every day by sharing their own stories and always being there to help. Studies have shown that being a part of a community helps you live a longer, healthier and happier life, and the I Quit Sugar online community is no exception!

Every other program left me feeling ‘hangry’, anxious and willing to give away a kidney for a piece of bread!

On the I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program there are NO limits.

I have to fess up, seduced by the promise meal plans and shopping lists of other “programs”, I’ve strayed from I Quit Sugar once or twice… but each affair has been brief and left me feeling ‘hangry’, anxious and willing to give away a kidney for a piece of bread.

Sure, during the first six weeks of the IQS 8-Week Program you give up sugar to wipe your slate completely clean, but after that nothing is off limits (we’re talking pasta, fruit, bread and coffee). Heck, you can even eat sugar if you want to (but you won’t!).

The IQS team call it “Food Freedom” and there is truly nothing like it!

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