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Tabitha’s story: “I quit sugar and lost 15 kilos!”

I Quit Sugar – Tabitha: “I quit sugar and lost 15 kilos!”

Tabitha was struggling to lose 40kg she had gained during pregnancy.

But despite trying plenty of diets – meal replacement shakes, not eating after 6pm – nothing was working! She felt hungry and her weight kept fluctuating.

She then quit sugar with Sarah’s books, I Quit Sugar and I Quit Sugar For Lifeand lost a staggering 15kg as a result! Here’s how Tabitha did it (and why she’s now off the white stuff for good).

In 2013 I fell pregnant and was quite unwell.

I had gained 40kg in pregnancy and hit 100kg!! It was so upsetting. I lost 15kg after giving birth but I had 25kg to go.

I Quit Sugar Testimonial - Tabitha Sharp

Tabitha December 2013 and (right) Tabitha in April 2015.

I started with diet shakes and not eating after 6pm.

I lost just over 10kg in nine months but my weight was going up and down and I was so hungry. And then it happened…

I saw Sarah Wilson on The Living Room and she was talking about sugar. I was shocked!

I thought I was eating healthfully. Those shakes I was having had icing sugar as the first ingredient!!! I felt sick. I felt like a real sucker. I was addicted to sugar!

I started in 2014 when I bought Sarah’s books.

It was hard at the start and I felt sick with headaches, like I’d been hit by a really bad head cold. Then after about a week I started feeling good. Like, really good! I found shopping was hard for the first couple of weeks but once I knew where to go and what to buy it was easy!

I Quit Sugar Testimonial - Tabitha Sharp

Tabitha December 2013 and (right) Tabitha in April 2015.

I felt empowered being surrounded by people doing the same as me.

At first, people kept telling me it’s impossible, sugar is in everything. But the results speak for themselves.

I’m now a healthy 59.5kg and feel better than ever.

I don’t turn down food now because it’s unhealthy or will make me fat, I turn down bad food because I know how it will make me feel! Thank you for showing me how to feel better.

I Quit Sugar Testimonial - Tabitha Sharp

Tabitha December 2013 and (right) Tabitha in April 2015.

If you’ve quit sugar and achieved some amazing results like Tabitha’s, send an email to us at And check out our other success stories.

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