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By Jordanna Levin |

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Okay, cards on the table. The I Quit Sugar Team looks forward to Friday afternoon drinks just as much as you do. In fact our weekly ritual usually involves a bag of popcorn and a margarita (hey, we’re only human). But now that we’re in the thick of the silly season we thought it might be fun to develop some sugar-free cocktails that you can whip up at home, because as much as we love sipping on clear spirits and soda water with fresh lime, sometimes you just need to flaunt a fancy glass with a paper umbrella.  Are we right?

The aim of this post was to knock your socks off with a clever sugar-free cocktail you could impress your local bartender with (we were thinking more Tom Cruise in Cocktail than Ted Danson in Cheers), so we went straight to the experts. But convincing experienced bartending folk to put down the sugar syrup was no mean feat. Then we met the Trolley’d boys.

Trolley'd Captains-10

Meet Chris and Byron, the quirky brains behind mobile bar fleet Trolley’d. These crazy kids whip up organic and native cocktails for parties all over Sydney from the convenience of recycled Ansett Airline trolleys. Their aim? To show the world you can still party without impacting the environment. Ahhhh… two men after the entire IQS Team’s heart (yes, even Miracle Steve’s).

Their mission? To create an IQS cocktail that would tempt the daiquiri diehards and the cosmo crooners among us. We wanted something that tasted naughty but was sugar-free. We introduced them to rice malt syrup and well, the rest is history; in fact, just the other day we spotted them on Instagram using rice malt syrup as part of their cocktail-shaking repertoire.

We let the boys come up with their own name (since they did all the hard work) and the quirkiness that drew us to them in the first place came shining through.

Introducing the “I Quit Sugar Wardley’s Equality”

Trolley'd Mobile Bar -18

Strange name but super great story. In short, Deborah Wardley was the first female pilot allowed in the cockpit of an Ansett plane after a long battle for women’s rights with Ansett owner Reginald Ansett back in the late seventies. This cocktail is a truly feminist tipple. You can read the story in full here.

“Wardley’s Equality” is super low in fructose thanks to the fresh lime and grapefruit juice, and instead of using sugar syrup, it’s made with a rice malt syrup.

Makes 1 
  • juice of half a lime
  • juice of half a grapefruit
  • 20ml of Rice Malt Syrup Mix*
  • 45ml gin
  • lantana flowers, to garnish (optional)
Trolley'd Mobile Bar -16

  1. Place all ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Shake and double strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
  2. Garnish with lantana flowers, they are edible and a pest invader so forage for them with lust.

*To make Rice Malt Syrup Mix: mix two parts rice malt syrup with one part hot water.

Trolley'd Mobile Bar -15

For more delicious sugar-free cocktails from the Trolley’d boys check out the I Quit Sugar Christmas Cookbook.

You can follow Trolley’d:

Instagram: @trolleyd



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