The weekend sugar addict

By Jordanna Levin |

Emma- Charlotte Bangay is a freelance beauty, health and lifestyle writer who is currently doing the I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program online with many of you. She found herself needing to quit the white stuff when she discovered that although healthy during the week she became a sugar addict on the weekend. Can you relate? This is her story so far…


It feels like a really big break up. But it’s been coming for a while.

Sugar was my love rat, and it was doing nothing for me. It dragged me down, made me moody and kicked my self-esteem to the curb…but still, I made the decision to allow it to creep into my life. But only on the weekend, so that’s ok. Right? Wrong!

Generally, I eat really well, exercise is my love affair and the thought of fast food makes me dizzy. But my 80/20 balance of abstaining from desserts and treats during the week, only to go into overdrive with the stuff for 48 hours of a weekend, was getting me down.

The floodgates didn’t open of a Friday, they were blown off their hinges. All bets were off, and I found myself grazing for 48 hours on empty calories, beginning with Saturday morning croissants and finishing with Sunday evening M+M’s and a tired body, moody disposition and really bloody angry woman.

Was I bored? Was I rebelling against the weekly restrictions I had set myself? Was my head about to spin around on its axis? Yes, yes and according to my husband and children, “most definitely” and “absolutely”. But still, I ate it. Until three weeks ago…

Leading up to the I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program I weaned myself off my presumably healthy sugary choices of fresh fruit, dried fruit, yoghurt balls and honey soaked tea. Like so much honey, that Lipton jiggler was doing no jiggling. And they were my ‘healthy’ choices. I went cold turkey on Cadbury’s and all it’s cohorts and the mere thought of eating ice cream is a date with the devil I don’t want to turn up to.

I’ve faltered though, most notably in an attempt to fill the hole those sweets did (late night, house asleep, deadlines met, tea in hand….) I have started to over-snack on nuts and other bloating pantry dwellers. But I’m happy to say I’ve stumbled across that block and am now addressing the trigger times when I’d usually hit the Tim Tams harder than Tyson in his hey day.

Now, I take myself to bed and read a book. I know, right? Who knew you could quit sugar and gain a morsel of intelligence?

For me it’s about taking it weekend day to weekend day rather than focusing too hard on the eight weeks. These are changes I want to make for life in order to retain my sanity, my marriage and my new book club membership.

Yes, some habits are hard to break and it’s dull pondering a completely vice-free existence, but at least in only three weeks I’ve learnt to mull over the concept cradling a cup of peppermint tea with rice malt syrup, rather than an Almond Magnum.

Throughout her nearly twenty year career, Emma has had the pleasure and honour of holding senior beauty, style, health, celebrity and lifestyle roles at New Idea, Marie Claire, Woman’s Day, SHE Magazine, SHE Living, Real Living, Sunday Life, Cosmopolitan Pregnancy, SHOP til you Drop, Fitness First, Australian Yoga Journal, Emporium magazine, Tony Bianco White magazine, Fernwood magazine and Crown Casino ‘Crystal’ magazine. Her online credits include establishing and contributing for top beauty and lifestyle sites such as,,,, and

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