Bondi Harvest: “Take the time to breathe.”

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Bondi Harvest is a weekly You Tube cooking show by chef Guy Turland and director Mark Alston. We caught up with frontman Guy to find out his tips on leading the quintessential healthy Bondi lifestyle.

Bondi Harvest chooses to focus on sustainability, seasonal cooking, fresh whole foods and most importantly not taking life too seriously. We think this deems Guy more than worthy to be featured as this week’s Three Bites.

“Three Bites” with Guy Turland from Bondi Harvest

For breakfast I eat three poached eggs with a spiced lentil and zucchini pattie, fresh tomato and tabasco for a kick or an omelette packed full of fresh veggies. I normally wash it down with a nice big smoothie. I just throw the water from one fresh young coconut, one tablespoon chia seeds, one tablesoon raw cacao powder, one tablespoon Vital Greens powder, one tablespoon protein powder, one avocado, a big handful of spinach and ice into a blender (and if I need an added kick a shot of coffee as well) and blend until smooth.

I always share this health tip with friends and it always surprises them: take time to breathe properly! The health benefits from breathing exercises are endless. I still remember being in the kitchen at Est. restaurant getting absolutely pumped with orders and about to lose it when the head chef came over and tapped me on the shoulder and said “Breathe, mate. Take some deep breaths and steady your thoughts”.

My favourite sugar-free dish is something warming and wintery like braised beef cheeks or lamb shanks. I love turning tough, cheap cuts of meat into the complete opposite. Giving them a little love combined with a long slow cooking process makes them an absolute winner! The anticipation of waiting while it cooks just makes it even better!

Bondi Harvest’s Healthy Avocado Smoothie

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Bondi Harvest’s weekly cooking show on You Tube you’ve seriously been missing out. We’re addicted! Some of our favourite recipes are the Slow Braised Beef Cheeks, Chai and Vanilla Homemade Almond Milk and Organic Chicken Breast and Quinoa Salad. To see more of their amazing videos, head to the Bondi Harvest YouTube channel.

Want to learn more about Bondi Harvest? During the Month of November Guy will be hosting Bondi Harvest pop-up restaurant nights at his North Bondi cafe Jo & Willy’s Depot. Each night Guy will serve up a different “story on a plate” and you’ll learn where the produce you’re about to devour was sourced from right down to the name of the person who grew/reared/caught it. For more information on what is set to be a great set of intimate evenings, check out the Bondi Harvest Facebook page. 

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