Sarah Britton: “My best advice is to chew your food!”

By Meg Yonson |


Sarah Britton is a holistic nutritionist, plant-based cook and blogger at My New Roots, creator of the world-famous Life Changing Loaf of Bread, good friend of our own Sarah and author of My New Roots, which is released in Australia today – exciting!

If you haven’t come across Sarah Britton’s work before, you’ll be smitten in no time. She’s a JERF-er and her recipes totally reflect our philosophy of eating nourishing, whole food.

In the coming weeks we’ll feature a few recipes from Sarah B’s new book, but in the meantime we’ve asked the three burning questions you need to know about her.

Three bites with Sarah Britton.

1. This health habit is weird, but it really works:

I wash my face with oil instead of soap! Years ago a friend of mind who was working at a health food store gave me the tip to start cleansing with oil instead of suds. I was extremely skeptical because I had major issues with my skin, mostly acne, but also dry patches, rosacea, you name it. To put her theory to the test, I washed with my usual soap then applied olive oil before rubbing it off with a clean cloth. There was a surprising amount of dirt that the foaming cleanser had left behind! From then on I started using oil instead, and I find it super cleansing but also moisturizing. Now I use a combination of jojoba, coco creme, seabuckthorn, vetiver and grapefruit oils. It’s the best thing ever!


Sarah’s the guru on soaking and sprouting her grains and legumes as you can see and (right) a lush veggie based salad from Sarah’s blog

 2. If I could tell the world one thing, it would be:

Chew your food! If there is one piece of advice I can offer that will change your health dramatically without having to buy a single thing, it’s masticating properly at every meal. Chewing your food is the first step in the process of digestion, which extracts the nutrients from what you eat. The bottom line is: the more you chew, the more nutrients will be available for your body to absorb. There’s no point in dropping extra cash on organic food if you don’t even take the time to chew it up!


Sarah’s first cookbook – My New Roots and (right) Sarah in the editing stages of her book.

 3. What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

Sprouted oats and buckwheat with flax, sunflower seeds, apple and cinnamon. Every night before bed I soak a combination of grains, nuts and seeds with an acidic medium and salt to make porridge or pancakes for my son and I (my husband likes other stuff!). In the morning I drain and rinse the mixture, then cook it in boiling water or blitz it in the blender. Then I add fresh fruit, maybe some nut butter, and superfoods to suit my mood. I love giving myself this treat in the morning, and sharing with my little babe is even better. It is amazingly filling and gives us the fuel we need to be energized and happy!


The beautiful Sarah and (right) her famous Life Changing Loaf of Bread, which can be found on her blog

Have you come across My New Roots and tried some of Sarah B’s recipes before? Let us know your favourite in the comments below – oh, and if you’re interested, we’ll be posting the recipe for her Life Changing Loaf of Bread in the next week! 

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