Why it’s time to get off the sushi train

By Maddison Napper |

I Quit Sugar - Why it's time to get off the sushi train

Okay, it’s lunchtime and you have set your sights on sushi… it’s a healthy option, right?

Unfortunately, not so much. Here are a few reasons why it may be time to get off the sushi train…


WHAT! Where? Put simply, your sushi roll isn’t just made from rice. It’s a combination of rice, sugar and rice wine vinegar, meaning the average sushi roll contains at least a teaspoon of the sweet stuff. However, it doesn’t just stop there, many Japanese condiments are packed with sugar – teriyaki sauce and Japanese mayo are common culprits!

Spikes in blood sugar.

Okay, so we just told you that sushi contains sugar… But did you know, short grain rice (the type used in sushi), also spikes your blood sugar much more quickly than other varieties like basmati?

Lack of protein.

We don’t refer to protein as the building block of life for no reason. It’s critical for the growth and repair of all tissues in the body, not to mention its role in stabilising blood sugar levels and keeping you satiated between meals! We recommend noshing on a portion of protein, about the size of your palm, but when it comes to sushi that simply isn’t possible given its rice content.

Lack of healthy fats.

In case you missed the memo, it turns out fat isn’t the devil after all. In fact, we should all be eating some form of healthy fat with every meal. Why? Because fats are nutrient-dense, they keep us fuller for longer and let’s be honest, they’re downright delicious (avo anyone?). Unfortunately, sushi lacks the healthy fat content that keeps you satiated, leaving you with even more of those sugar cravings, you were so desperately trying to avoid.

Highly processed ingredients.

It’s fair to say, sushi doesn’t align with our “JERF” philosophy. Take a California roll for example… that crab stick – is it really just crab? Your guess is as good as ours!

Vegetable oils. 

Just because it has the word “vegetable” in it, does not make vegetable oils good for you. In fact, they’re far from it. They’ve been linked to a raft of health issues, including cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes – and we hate to tell you, but your chicken katsu is deep fried in the stuff, ick!

After hearing all of that, you probably won’t want to touch sushi with a ten-foot pole…  and we don’t blame you! However, that doesn’t mean you have to ditch Japanese cuisine altogether. Simply stick to dishes like sashimi, miso soup, or almost any grilled meat like chicken, beef or fish yakitori for an authentic meal that’s also sugar- free!

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