7 “foods” the IQS team would NEVER eat

By Camilla Wagstaff |

I Quit Sugar - 7 “foods” the IQS team would NEVER eat

We all have our limits when it comes to what we’d put in our bodies. Ever wondered what ours are?

From the surprisingly unhealthy to the outright disgusting, we wouldn’t touch these so-called “foods” with a 10-foot barge pole!

1. Vegetable oil.

Rachel, writer – “Before you cook with it taste it. Go on. It’s nasty, innit? Only cook with a fat you would be happy to drizzle on your salad or spread on your toast. Otherwise, why would you eat it?”

2. “Diet” chocolate bars.

Maddison, office manager – “For all their low carb, high protein, low sugar, high fibre claims, the ingredients lists on these always HORRIFY me! I’ll stick to the 85 per cent Lindt, thank you.”


3. Margarine.

Lorna, head of content – “I grew up with the low-fat movement and wouldn’t even DREAM of eating butter. For years. Then of course I realised what was actually in margarine. And now I can’t even look at it. Why is it so yellow?! I would actually rather eat plastic.”

4. Dark chocolate-coated Goji berries.

Georgia, food and recipes manager – “Sounds like a healthy snack, right? I thought so too, until I took a look at the nutritional label… and discovered most brands are made of more than HALF sugar!”

5. Fat-free bottled mayo.

Olivia, recipe developer assistant – “A vegan friend of mine recently told me that many mayos found at the supermarket are suitable for vegans, because they don’t actually contain egg. They DO contain sugar, thickeners, vegetable oils, gums and those delicious ‘colours’ and ‘flavours’. Mmmm!”

6. Pre-mixed protein shakes.

Matt, product manager – “The ones that come in a box and you shove the straw in the top. Tastes like plastic. Probably is plastic.”


7. Freak shakes!!

Alyssa, marketing executive – “Sorry, I know these are a bit old now. But literally the thought of them makes me feel sick. You would never eat FIVE Krispy Kremes in sitting!! So why on earth would you blend three of them into an already sickly milkshake, cover it with sweetened cream, chocolate sauce and sprinkles, then throw on another two Krispy Kremes?!”

What’s the one thing you would never eat?

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