What to use instead of banana in a smoothie

By Ashley Cameron |

Ever noticed that every single smoothie recipe out there uses a banana as the main ingredient?

But what if you’re trying to quit sugar and are steering clear of fruit (for a while)? Or, you simply don’t like bananas? Next time you’re ready to blend your brekkie, try these combos instead…

If you like your smoothie creamy try… avocado.

It’s no secret that we’re head over heels for avocados! But seriously, what’s not to love? Not only are they are great source of healthy fat, but they also help to bulk out your smoothie, keeping you full till lunchtime. Like a frozen banana too, they add the perfect amount of creaminess to any smoothie, meaning you won’t be chewing through chunks of spinach.

If you’re trying to squeeze in a few extra veg try… cauliflower.

Now, just hear us out! Cauliflower (albeit a little unusual), is actually delicious in a smoothie. When blitzed up, cauli’s add a sweet creaminess to your smoothie and this nutrient-dense veg is an innovative way to get in your 7–9 serves each day… especially when you’re sick of sipping on the same old green smoothie.

If you like your smoothie thick try… zucchini.

We are the first to admit that whenever we can, we love to nosh on zucchini. They’re pretty much the perfect veg in our books, but we bet you’ve probably never tried adding one to your smoothie. Like the gold old frozen banana, the humble zucchini will add significant bulk and thickness to your smoothie, so you’ll feel like you’re getting a full meal in just one glass.

If you like them sweet try… fresh coconut and cacao.

Sometimes, you just need a hit of choc! And, even if you’re quitting sugar, there’s no need to deprive yourself. Instead of tainting your choccy blend with banana though, switch it up for the flesh of a fresh coconut. It will add the perfect hint of sweetness and compliment the bitter hit of cacao perfectly.

Let us know your fave smoothie combo in the comments below!

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