Feed your baby soda! (+ 4 more outrageous claims from old sugar ads)

By Rachel O'Regan |

I Quit Sugar - Feed your baby soda! + 4 other ridiculous claims from sugar ads

Ahh, the good ol’ days…. when doctors recommended cigarettes to their patients, cornflakes were meant to cure masturbation and sugar kept the little ones healthy.

Yeah, health science has certainly (thankfully) changed a lot in several decades. When Sarah’s mate and National Geographic fellow Dan Buettner sent us a photo of a vintage sugar ad, we were amused but not overly surprised!

“Alas, it looks like you’ve been wrong all along,” Dan joked. Yep, us and the world’s leading scientists.

Here’s the ad in question, and four more vintage pro-sugar messages that will knock your bobby socks off.

1. Sugar switches off your “appetite button.”

“Sugar can help your appetite be content with less food. It does this by switching off the ‘appetite button’ in your brain – and doing it faster than most foods.”

Calling 1962! Studies show that it’s quite the opposite. Fructose affects appetite control by suppressing your satiety and increasing the hunger hormone ghrelin. Yep, that’s why you can’t get enough of the stuff!

I Quit Sugar – 5 hilarious vintage ads which spruik the health benefits of sugar

2. Hyper kids? That’s just the goodness of sugar.

“Have you seen the ‘sugar smile’… the light that comes to kiddy eyes when mummy hands out sugar in spoons and spoons?”

Yep, that’s called a sugar high and it ain’t good for your kids. The advertiser also forgot to mention the “sugar snarl” – that is, the grumpy mood that comes over kids when the high wears off (parents, you know what we mean!).

3. It’s normal to be hungry all the time.

“The ‘fat time of day’ is when you’re really hungry and ready to eat, and eat, and eat. Sugar helps you slip past the ‘fat time of day’ the sweetest way possible.”

But it’s not till you quit sugar that you realise those intense food cravings weren’t normal after all. Sugar is such short-lived energy that you’ll often feel the need to snack all day long. On the other hand, veggies, proteins and fats provide long-lasting satisfaction!

4. Sugar = low in calories = healthy.

“Only 18 calories per teaspoon in Domino Pure Cane Sugar… and they’re all quick energy!”

We’re not sure we follow this argument! An avocado, for example, has a lot more calories than sugar, but it has nutritional benefits, too. Oh, it tastes a lot better than three teaspoons of sugar.

5. Feed your baby soda!

“Seven-Up is so pure… so wholesome! For a fact, you can even give this sparkling drink to babies – and without any qualms.”

Okay, we don’t need to explain how ridiculous this one is!

We originally published this article in June 2016. We updated it in December 2016.

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