3 ways to boost your protein balls

By Phoebe McCreath |

I Quit Sugar - 3 ways to boost your protein balls

When the snack attack hits, you better be prepared or you don’t know where you could end up…

Our fave snacks are the ones that are super easy to make and are toteable… enter, protein balls.

With no baking required, our Cacao + Chia Superfood Protein Balls are a winner! But if you want to take them to the next level, here are three easy ways to boost ‘em!

1. Drizzle with melted chocolate.

Everything’s better with chocolate! Once you make up your protein balls, melt some 85–90% dark chocolate and drizzle over the top for a more intense choccy hit that’ll crush your cravings in just one bite.

2. Add your fave nut butter.

Adding a nut butter to your protein balls will not only boost the flavour, but as nuts are full of good fats they’ll keep you feeling full too. Pop a quarter of a cup in the mix before you roll them into balls. Yum!

3. Chop up some chickpeas…

Chickpeas are super high in protein, so for an extra hit, finely chop some roasted chickpeas and pop them in your mixture. They’ll add the perfect crunchy texture too!

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